Look out. Here comes Helen!!!

Hey Undisputed peeps- You only have a few more days to register for Helen. The Prelims are this Saturday at 2:30. Helen is a 400 meter run, 21 Kettlebell Swings, 12 pullups- 3 Rounds for time. It is a workout the EVERYONE can do and get better at. The finals will be August 18th. it is a $35 buy in, almost all of which will go into the prize pool!!! This is an excellent opportunity to join together with your fellow team mates and work towards a common goal and purpose. Improving your time in this work out is something specific to strive for or towards will only give access to excellence and focus. Don’t miss out!!!! It is going to be a blast!!!!


For Friday:

 Ante…heavy split jerks

 Cash out:

Ring Dip/Pushup/squat
 One of each the first minute.
 2 of each the second minute….
 Etc. how deep can you get. It’s over when you can’t complete the assigned movements within the minute.

Mobility WOD