Woohoo- Overhead Squats!!!!

For those of you on our Obstacle Course team: we will be learning, practicing and rocking the movements and skills that are required to smash the Obstacle Course after every class that does not have a class following it through Friday. If that is unclear, what I mean is that there will be a coach available to you at 8am, 1pm (wed., thurs., fri.) and 6:30pm on Wednesday and Friday, 7:30 on Thursday. The Obstacle Course is on Sunday, May 20th… If you have not registered for it yet but you are intending to, you can do that just like you register for class. Same link…

We love PR days at Undisputed. Today we went for our One Rep Max Front Squats. Virtually everyone increased their max…for those that did not…set a goal, there will be more opportunities.

To mention a few impressive results…

Stephanie Z increased her PR from 115 to 135lbs!

Ian Macgillivray had an outstanding jump from 105 to 185!

Justin Novotny PR’d at 285Lbs…we are not sure what his previous max was but HOLY SMOKES!!!

No one is probably as excited as me to see so many Overhead Squats in the WOD tomorrow. What can I say…I love them…


O/H squats 115/75

What’s your favorite movement or maybe just one that you are really great at? Please post to the comments…

Mobility WOD