Obstacle Course training and the Bear Complex!!!!!!

What could be more fun and more varied, in the world of constantly varied, than an Obstacle Course. If you have 2 eyes in your head and a curious nature, you have probably noticed a couple new and foreign objects at the gym this week. One is a 6ft wall that the generous people at Black Box Fitness in ABQ lent us (see http://www.blackboxfitnessnm.com/) and the other are strange and heavy orbs called atlas stones. Atlas stones are often used in Strongman competitions and are a great twist on lifting heavy things.

Rob Orland(google him) says about Atlas Stones, “You gotta have fun with this stuff … and you need to experiment with new modalities all the time,” he says. “Go out there and find new things to play with.”

SO… Saturday at 11:30 we will be going over some of the skills that will be required for the Obstacle Course. Don’t miss it!! It’s going to be fun…whether you are competing or not. These are good skills to know. There will also be an opportunity for a group of us to go down to BlackBox Fitness and test drive the course. We are either going on Satuday after the 1pm class or Sunday at 2 or 3…Info will be confirmed on facebook. For those of you that are concerned that the atlas stones are too heavy or how on earth you are going to throw your body over a 6FT wall, you should know that there are going to be several options for scaling. Mostly, we are just interested in having a good time and being together!!!! AND IT HAPPENS TO BE MY BIRTHDAY…SO, give me the best present ever and sign up to be part of our team!!!! Take a risk. Be Extraordinary. It’s going to be a BLAST!!!!!

For tomorrow:

“The Bear Complex”

Perform 5 sets of 7 sequences (complexes) of the following exercises:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press


  1. Bar must touch the ground each sequence but cannot rest on the ground or it terminates the set. 

  2. Goal is to increase loads each round to complete “The Bear” with max load.  

  3. Rest as needed between sets.

  4. You must power clean the bar to full standing position before squatting the weight.

  5. If you need to put the bar down in the middle of a sequence, you get to do 5 burpees! YAY Burpees!!!!


Mobility WOD