…and a new week begins, upside down.

So, Saturday Nate, Jenna, Stephanie and I went down to Blackbox and ran through the skills and the actual obstacle course!!! It was a blast and we are going to have a great time on Sunday, May 20th.

Here is how it is going to go:

The course is going to be 100 Ft long. There will be 2 courses side by side, as we will be going head to head against athletes from Blackbox Fitness.

There will be 2 Divisions. RX’d and scaled with men’s and women’s weights.

Each athlete will push a prowler sled the length of the course.

Then they will pick up an atlas stone, Med ball or heavy KB and walk it approximately 2/3rds the length of the course. They will then put the atlas stone back down on the ground in a controlled manner. Run back, pick up another stone, walk it down and place it next to the first stone.

They will then run back, pick up a sand bag, run it down to the wall, chuck it over the wall, run back and grab another bag, repeat, and then scale, jump or climb the wall themselves.

Then 10 Ground to Overhead

Then return to atlas balls, lift, carry, place at starting position. Same with other stone.

Run back. Jump the wall again and then pull the sled back to the starting point.

YAY! I think that is it. I may have something mixed up, but that is the jist of it! If you haven’t registered for the event online, please do so ASAP. Seth from Blackbox and I need a little lead time to figure out the heats. If you are not going to compete, please come route on our team. It makes such a huge difference. Then tacos and margaritas at Zacatecas for a little post obstacle course and birthday celebration. 



15 min AMRAP
60 sec handstand hold
30 squats
300 MTR run

Mobility WOD