Why do they call it a chipper anyway?

Some say that it is because you just chip away at the movements and when you are done with one you, you are done with that, and you get to move on to the next. Others say that it is because they make you feel like you have been put through a wood chipper…

400 m Run
20 T2B
20 Pistol (total)
20 One arm front squats 24/20
20 Power Clean 135/95
20 Pullups (CTB if you have them)
20 double unders
400 m run

You tell us…Why do you think that they call it a chipper? Please write your answer in the comments.


It’s like a huge wall you must remove and the only way to do it is to chip away at each brick that is blocking you from becoming something you cannot even yet imagine…

Comment by Mona — April 5, 2012 @ 4:41 am

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