Tuesday’s WOD and why you should throw away your scale

5×5 Deadlifts

50 jumping lunges
40 bird picker
30 air squats
20 pistols
10 burpee box jump

A LOT of people’s fitness goals center around their weight. That’s usually the first thing people will say when you ask what they want to achieve when starting a workout regiment. And my response to them is always, “Throw your scale away. That number is arbitrary.” Reason being, when getting fit, you’re going to lose fat but you will also gain muscle. Everybody knows the old adage “muscle weighs more than fat”. Well, a truer statement would be muscle is denser than fat but you get the idea. And to show you what we mean:


So yeah, if you’ve been training for a few months and you excitedly break out the scale for the first time since you’ve started, don’t feel bad if the number has gone in the opposite direction you expected it to go. :)

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