This weekend’s festivities and how we’re hooking you up all week!

This Saturday, 4/21, we’re going to be having a Paleo Potluck Picnic at Bicentennial Alto Park (right across the street from the gym) so make your favorite paleo dish (complete with recipe cards to exchange with everybody!) and we’re going to revisit our childhood with a rousing game of kickball! Festivities start at 3pm!

And all week long, all of our merchandise is 20% when you spend more than $25! So now would be a perfect time to get some protein powder, fish oil or t-shirts. Get yo’self some schwag, yo!

Back squats – Find 1RM

3 kb Cleans 20/12
6 kb Push presses
9 kb Snatches
10 min amrap

Mobility WOD