It’s a ladder to get you over the hump…


Not a great tshirt slogan, but the truth!!! My dead lift PR is now the same as my Back Squat PR…165.

Notable mention today for Back Squat PRing goes to Ivonne Lobo- It was her first time and she got 145lbs. I can’t wait to see what she can do after she has had some practice.

Stephanie Zeller who increased her PR from 105 to 135 today.

Tim Franke who went from 155 to 205Lbs – that’s HUGE!!!!

and Michael Bergt who had a previous PR of 165 and got a one rep max of 225Lbs. SICK!!!

Everyone did great and I am not sure what sort of epic triumphs happened in the other 3 classes today. I just wanted to give a shoot out to a few!!! I LOVE PR DAYS!!!!! Also, not a great tshirt slogan… However, I am trying which is more than I can say for the vast majority of you guys!!! COME ON!!!! This could be really fun!!!! It doesn’t even have to be serious. You can just try to make Nate and I laugh…which is pretty easy because we love to laugh!!!!! Email your ideas to or post it hear to the comments! Make it something that would make someone want to find out more about what makes us so awesome and unique!!!!

Wednesday’s WOD:Wednesday

Box Jumps
Ring dips

Go ahead, pick it up!

Lifting kills the “voice”

Crossfittters do it in…3…2..1

It’s not sweat…my whole body is crying.

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