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Wednesday April 4, 2012

Been thinking a bunch about training since I got back from my competition in Phoenix.  For those of you who don’t know, I threw in Phoenix in the younger class. Women under age 40.  My coach in ABQ encouraged me to throw with the young ones so I could watch form and work with the heavier weights.  About 7/8th of the way through the competition, one of the guys from Albuquerque came over to me and asked how I was doing.

“Well Sean,  I guess I am throwing alright, but I don’t understand why all of the hard training the last few months are not adding up to the numbers I imagined.”

“Yea, it is frustrating, I got a couple of PR’s…..did you?”

“I think so, but still….all the work and everything feels so small.”

It is frustrating.  On one hand, I am kinda proud of myself for devising a workout plan, a training plan for myself (with lots of advise of course). On the other hand….the lack of any huge numbers reinforces the fact that I don’t really know how to train for this.

It was a super long hot day and for the most part, I did not write my numbers down, nor did I pay that close attention to anyone elses numbers.  Once we finally finished for the day I had this……

Now, I was pretty surprised, since I was not paying close attention to numbers.  But the thing that I was happiest with was that I felt, by the end of the day, as if my form had improved over the last three months of training.  What I need back  is that Scottish recklessness.  That fury, that fun. that wild woman….now that I feel better about form.

Once numbers were posted…I had 6 new PR’s in eight events….6.  That is a lot.  Now these are COMPETITION PR’s I have sometimes thrown better at practice…and some of the PR’s were by tiny little numbers…like 2 feet or…6 inches…but I am not sure what to do about that…I need that wildness back.

I have 3 weeks til my next competition, and less than 2 months before my big competition~that makes me feel a little sick when I think about it.

So…how do I change my training?  Ch Ch Ch Changes?

First thing I am doing is throwing more…and sharing it with whomever wants to try…Wednesdays and Saturdays, with some women…and some Sundays with the folks in Albuquerque.  I also have a lifting plan…and some Kettle Bell training I want to do…

I am also thinking that I may need to take a bit of a break from CrossFit.  Yes, I just said that out loud…in public…sorta scary.  I know  what I have gained, I know that I am more fit than I have ever been, but I am toying with the idea, the nagging voice that tells me I need more sport specific training so that I can rack up those big numbers.  Time is an issue for me as well. the last three months, I was mostly successful at adding three workouts a week on top of the 4 or so CrossFit workouts.  Now, in the spring, with school ending…and all of the things I need to do surrounding my family, I don’t know how I can add extra workouts in preparation for the May games.

I don’t know….I just feel changes in the air.  Honestly, I really want to prep well for not only the games here in May…(which some of you are signing up for) but the games in South Carolina.  I know there is no *one way* to train for any sport and I also know that basic fitness is critical.  So I will say it again…

I just don’t know…so I shall give myself a few more days to think about what to do these next two months and perhaps I will just make a wild woman sort of choice….who knows.


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