Saturday classes and SNATCHES…

The 1130 Corrective Movement class will be on the press series.

Team WOD-10am & 1pm…
teams of two, one person works at a time, while rowing switch every 250m, while working with med ball switch every round, one round is 5 dead lifts-5 front squats-5 thrusters. 20 min AMRAP.
500m row
2 rounds
1000m row
4 rounds
1500m row
6 rounds
2000m row
8 rounds
2500m row
10 rounds

Then we are going to do WEEK TWO of THE OPEN for scores!! YEAH!!!!! We did this workout on Thursday as the WOD. It was tough!!! I have posted some videos and some info to help with mobility and technique. I hope that you have had a chance to practice and do some research and are feeling confident in your snatch. Our friend Will from Zia CrossFit posted this amazing resource:

CHECK IT OUT!!!! You may need a few hours…


Snatch catch!



Mobility WOD