Mobility prep for 12.5

Our favorite mobility guru, KStar,  show us how to prepare for 12.5…learn it. Do it.

This is what he says about it…

Hey MWodies,

Today’s episode is a love note to some old ex-girlfriends; thrusters and pull-ups.  You’ve changed and grown up.  You are stronger and smarter now and those movements have no idea what you are capable of.  If you are going to win them back, you’ve got to be cool with some new lines.  You’ve got to impress them with your depth and nuanced understanding of movement.  Otherwise?  They will break your heart again.

Look, seriously.  You have two choices.  You can either survive this couplet, or you can crush it.  Make a good decision.  Get warmed up really well and make sure that your sticky corners are really ready.  Today’s mission focuses on a few elements that you may not be prioritizing.  If you are finally gonna make your move on Rich Froning and Kris Clever, this is your shot.


Mobility WOD