Cindy on the run…and videos to help with WOD 12.4

Our favorite gymnast Carl Paoli ( I love him) breaks down WOD 12.4 for you in this awesome video:

You can also read what Carl has to say at his website at

Then our favorite Mobility guru Kelly Starrett takes us through the WOD from his expertise in Mobility and as he calls in Torque farming:

 This stuff is fascinating and Kelly is BRILLIANT!!! If you have never been to his website you are totally missing out…

There are tons of videos already up about WOD 12.4- strategies, the mental piece, philosophies, etc… Spend some time on there…Get excited…Learn something new…Geek out. It’s fun!

Hope these help you guys!!!

Again, for our athletes that are not competing, the athletes that are could really benefit from your cheering and support. It makes a huge difference for us to be able to ride that wave of energy and adrenaline. Please come root us on!!!!!! See you all Saturday at 2pm.


Cindy on the Run-

20 Minute AMRAP:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

200 meter run



Mobility WOD