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A quick…sorry!

Monday march 19, 2012

First a little apology to my coachy coach Heather for neglecting to post last week and for posting super late this week! I had something written and I just never got to a computer to transfer it…which might be ok, cause after today’s workout…I didn’t wanna post it anyway…..

So…weird things in Mona’s brain the last couple of weeks….I am prepping for the first competition of the year coming up this Saturday..I have been…focused…serious…beating myself up a bit. I have also felt a bit left out, albeit self imposed, because I am not doing the open WOD’s. You guys are super fun to cheer on though.


I knew today was gonna be my last hard workout before I compete…but Jeeeeeez, really?

So I load up the bar, get a box, get my rope…get SERIOUS. Dang, I got a serious face going…I get to the overheads…sets of 15. Not bad, they feel good…I even take myself so seriously that I “no rep” myself twice for not getting low enough. Then rope…slow, cause I haven’t worked double unders…but I pick through…push press…sets of 10. Starting to feel heavy. More rope. Then jerks, should be easier, they aren’t. Two sets of 10…then to sets of 5. I keep walking away from the bar.

Then it happens.

I walked away at about rep 35 and it suddenly occurred to me…I can walk away from the bar as much as I want, but the reps are still gonna be there waiting for me. For whatever reason…that made me laugh. I started to laugh and didn’t really stop til I was through with the last bit of double unders.

I was given a gift today…reminded that I am so lucky that I get to do this…that I get to move like this…that I am a Scottish athlete. I can train hard, but it isn’t really ME unless I enjoy it. Unless I can laugh at myself, at my failures and successes the workouts, the competitions are not worth it.

Those last sets of jerks…I never did more than five and I never walked away from the bar again. I will work at not walking away from who I am again either….


oh hell yes! This is an awesome blog! I really appreciate the idea of not walking away, and knowing that it’s ok if you do but everything is still there when you return….I have definitely “walked away from the bar” I am on the slow and unsteady track back. Even bought a pair of pants a size bigger just so I wouldn’t feel like complete doo doo everytime I got dressed. The good news is that the size bigger is actually too big-but it beats feeling like and over stuffed sausage in too small of casing. I am laughing now-at myself, which as you know Mona, is a very good thing indeed.
big love to you, crow

Comment by Crow Rising — March 20, 2012 @ 8:53 am

Big love back at you Crow…let’s just keep laughing.

Comment by mona — March 21, 2012 @ 7:57 am

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