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Training for the Games You Won’t Go To or When It’s Okay to Fake It

SIC FIT on February 6, 2012, 8:53am | More Posts

 Training for the Games You Won’t Go To – or – When It’s Okay to Fake It

By: Kaitlin Prater

Let’s admit it. The vast majority of the CrossFit world, however dedicated and willing, will not make it to the Games. Not everyone will try but clearly the majority who do try won’t get the chance to move past the open or regionals. With all of the hype surrounding the upcoming Games season, as well as the new media blitz from Reebok, it’s hard not to get pulled into a more competitive and intensive training. So where does the Game’s season leave the rest of us? What does a dedicated CrossFit enthusiast do to suppress this need to compete – to get in on the action?

Fake it.

I’m not a fan of faking it in most circumstances, but this is one time where faking it really won’t leave you disappointed. Pretend like you are going to compete, even though you know you’re not.

The non-competitor’s 4-step guide to training for the CrossFit Games

1.      Train like you have a chance. Prepare yourself for plenty of ESPN/ESPN2 time by working on your own weaknesses. Use this as an opportunity to show what you’ve accomplished in the past year. Watching the Games for hours on end (and highlights, and reviews of last years Games, and Rich Froning clips etc…) is not going to make you competition ready, however entertaining and inspiring it is.

2.      Clean up your diet. Those rock hard abs and sweaty bodies crushing weight are great eye candy, but that kind of body and performance doesn’t come from cheat days, it comes from practicing what you preach. Live the life: Competitors don’t eat crap before the Games, and neither should you.

3.      Get out of your rut. Yeah, your OHS is amazing but can you swim? Can you throw a baseball? The same actions get the same results so mix it up and be ready for whatever the Games might throw your way.

4.      Show up. Go to regionals, even if it’s just to watch. And then go to the Games to cheer on your favorites and size up your competition for next year.

Kaitlin Prater is pursuing a PhD in health services research with a focus health behavior in the perinatal period and early life cognitive development. She is an avid CrossFitter at CrossFit Epic, Paleo fanatic, and currently resides in Iowa City, Iowa.

Truly an awesome article and so true. I know that when I competed in Boxtoberfest because Susan got injured and we needed another female for our RX’d team, I learned things about myself that I never would have found out otherwise. I really got to see what I was capable of (even without training…right, Henry?) and it is way more than I would have ever imagined…the screaming spectators and the adrenaline of fear and excitement doesn’t hurt either. Let’s all be the best we can be….


7 Rds for time
7 OH SQUATS 95/65
7 c2b pullups
7 thrusters
200 mtr run

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