Migrate, adapt…


Feb 11, 2012

Yes we know how that phrase ends, right?  Die.

Has everyone seen this?

reebok comercial

so, Reebok…the sport of fitness….the endorsements.

I feel weird about the whole thing.  Well, who really cares what I think….but I have this platform,  so I’ll share my conflicted views with all of you!

There is a piece of me that understands that the more people exposed to CrossFit the better. I mean, I believe in it, right? I know that through this system, I have changed not just my body, but my life. I do know that there is no one system that works for everyone, but what held me for those first few months was the ability to modify and the knowledge that ANYONE could do this….regardless of age, ability, weight, etc….This really is a system that can be adapted to anyone. I really believed in one of the slogans, “changing lives”.

So, enter Reebok..

The ads…OchoCinco? Bob Harper??

I am all for having a high standard to aspire to, but I miss the videos of, um, more “average” folks talking about goals…I loved seeing images of gyms where all shapes and ages do the SAME workouts! That is part of what inspired me.

I watch these new Reebok ads and wonder, if I was watching these two years ago, would I have seen myself as able to do anything… If these ads would have scared me off….if I would have just watched these ads and immediately said…um, no…how could I possibly do that, I am not elite.

I am not elite…I will never be elite…but through CrossFit, it didn’t matter…I am the best I can be and I keep pushing to be better… That was the original message. Sigh….

Will people who look and felt like I did be ‘welcome’ in most new affiliates? Will they even walk into a gym when everything is labeled ‘elite’ …. The sport of elite fitness? I still see it as the fitness method that saved my health…

How much will it change now?

My guess is that the elites will take over for a while….that there will be lots of people teaching ‘classes’ ALL OVER THE PLACE. Eventually, perhaps two sorts of crossfit will emerge…the kind with Coaches…where people really do go to change their lives and the uber athlete gyms where classes trump coaches. I would like to think that I know a little about my gym at this point to trust that Coaching will win out over classes.

I guess I am not the only one thinking of this stuff…


Funny stuff, huh?


All I really know is that everything changes and I have to be ready to adapt…or migrate…I am not ready to die…or in this case quit. Very recently, someone who inspires me left Undisputed. I found I could not make myself walk into the gym. A week went by and I finally decided to go workout. The first day back very was hard. All I can say is that I felt…weird…off balance…like something was missing, but I realized that, while it was time for the person who inspired me to get healthy to migrate….I have my own path. 


I want to say happy birthday to my dear dear friend Rod…without you baby, I never would have walked in to Undisputed. I will be forever grateful to the path you showed me.


So much here.
First Reebok.
On one hand I will always be the rebellious anarchist flipping the bird to the corporations, who I feel in their very nature, will never have our best interests at heart. They will never do for us what we could do for ourselves, only better. One the other hand I am the aspiring Buddha, trying to keep an open mind and a varied perspective. Looking for the positivity in everything. And didn’t I myself just accept free shoes shirt and shorts from Reebok just last weekend for judging the competition at the Butcher’s Garage?
And then there is the leaving of a peer. And inspiration, a valued member of the Tribe. One one hand I am saddened, confused, upset, angry. On the other hand I am supportive, empowered and proud. It is not for me to say what another’s path is. How someone should grow and learn in this world is not for me to say or understand.
oxoxo Crow

Comment by Crow Rising — February 12, 2012 @ 8:28 am

and I love the naked crossfitters blog, I just subscribed….also I love fitness lonnies reebok commercial idea..

Comment by Crow Rising — February 12, 2012 @ 8:39 am

Dislike reebok taking over. Glad Rods out finding out about other fitness models as Undisputed was his first experience and with our help he completely and markedly changed his life and consciousness. That’s rad. I look forward to his return.
The sport of fitness?? This tag line. I mean really. I love how Kenny Powers sums it up. “I play a real sport. I’m not trying to e the best at exercising!” I loved and live Crossfit as what it was begun as…with the highest pinnacle being an addendum to ones sport.
What info love still remains. A roomful of people dedicated to excellence of themselves and their community. There’s nothing like it. I know we, at Undisputed, our entire Tribe, Has changed annoys continuing to change the consciousness of this whole town. I feel blessed everyone I walk in and am surround by all of us striving and helping one another.
Thank you all.
(ps…whatever to you, Reebok…you can’t own or replicate this!!)

Comment by Tait Fletcher — February 13, 2012 @ 2:59 pm

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(thanks for bearing with my iPhone!!)

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