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Sunday February 19,2012

Many of you know through my facebook posts that my eldest has been traveling and auditioning and waiting to hear about colleges. Well this Thursday, he go a letter from Oklahoma City University that he was accepted into the Musical Theater Program…with a partial scholarship to boot. Now of course I am as proud as I have ever been, not because he got in, but because of the transformation I saw him go through. He was not prepared for his first audition at all. He learned from his mistake….and worked really hard from that point on.

When the letter came, I found myself in a funny place. I just kinda shut down. I have known and looked forward to Kegan growing up and moving on with his life. There was something about getting that letter, a feeling of…this is really happening.

All the typical things ran through my brain…all of the questions about…have I done everything I could, what have I forgotten to teach him, blah blah blah. Now, I know what everyone is expecting me to say: how much I love him, how I would do anything for my kids..yadda, yadda, yadda. Of course these are true, but I really like this kid. What I see in this boy is all that is good in me. I found myself wondering who the hell I am once he is not in my day to day life.

I realize that our relationship is NEVER over…it is simply in transition….like all of life. I really like just being around him everyday….even if he is a Steelers fan.

Change though is change….

So here I am….read to let him go, let him fly, let him shine, let him fall and learn to pick himself back up. Am I ready to do the same for myself? I suppose I have to…to show him and my little girl that all of these things are possible.

Ah, change.


How exciting!!! How lucky a boy, with you as an example of fortitude and striving!!!

Comment by Tait Fletcher — February 19, 2012 @ 11:21 pm

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