First week of the OPEN WOD gets released Wednesday and…

Hey guys!!

We are hoping that many of you will join in and compete with us as a team. The Open is one workout per week for 5 weeks. It is an opportunity to see where you stack up against the entire world of CrossFitters, male and female, young and old elite to beginner. The workouts will be released at 6PM on Wednesday night here : . The whole gym will do that WOD together in class on Thursday. Then on Saturday, if you register (and you should  )you will come and do the WOD with all of our other athletes that are striving to be the best that they can be and looking to find out what they are really made of!! If as a gym, we do well, we can send a team to the Regionals. Everybody’s score contributes to our team’s score and then we pick the best of the best to represent us in the Southwest Regionals. So even if you are only good at one thing like Overheads Squats or Power Snatches, it would be worth it to sign up and be a contribution to our team! If you are not going to register, please come cheer on your team mates on Saturdays at 2PM after Diego’s class.



3rds for time
15 O/H Squats 95/65
15 pullups
400mtr run

Mobility WOD