Diego’s classes, The OPEN, The Handstand Workshop AND tips for burpees!


           Don’t forget about all the awesome things we have planned tomorrow. Including, Diego’s 2 Classes and his corrective movement class, then the OPEN WOD with coaches judging registered participants at 2PM( those of you who are not registered, get registered or AT LEAST come cheer on your team mates!!) followed by the cherry on the cake of my day; Kate Russell’s  Free Standing Handstand Workshop!!!! We had a little preview of the Workshop today and it is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!

Last year's Handstand Workshop

 Diego’s Classes:

Tomorrows 1130 will on the squat series. The first three of the nine essential movements.

For the team wod: 20 min AMRAP, one person carries a med ball 200m while the other completes amrap of 5 dead hang pull ups 10 games style push ups 15 squats. Partners switch when the person returns with the med ball. of the balk touches the ground both partners must do 5 burpees before continuing

“Before you dive into a sea of burpees check out these tips from the Gymnastics WOD” from Sam – CFLA


Mobility WOD