Advice from Andy Petranek…

Yes, the very same Andy Petranek that we talked about today!!!!

This is a note he wrote to the athletes at CFLA about the 1st WOD of the Open:

Hey All,

After scorekeeping for Jonesy today and counting for a few others, I thought of a few things that you all might want to consider for Saturday.

1.  Come in with a game plan.  How many burpees can you do in 1 minute?  2 minutes?  Now, you KNOW you can’t hold that for 7 minutes, so what is your best estimate of what you can hold (burpees/min) for 7?  Something that MAY help… doing 3 minutes of burpees and ‘playing with’ a range of numbers.

2.  Have your game plan broken down on an index card to give to your coach.  # of burpees total.  # burpees per minute.  # of burpees total you should be at if you’re on your game plan.


Target – 84 burpees

Plan – 12 per minute

at 1 – 13

at 2 – 26 (13)

at 3 – 38 (12)

at 4 – 50 (12)

at 5 – 62 (12)

at 6 – 73 (11)

at 7 – 84 (11)

3.  Write down on your index card exactly how many seconds/burpees you need to do and what it breaks down to in 10″ or 15″ sec. increments.

ie (for the above example):

seconds/burpee – 5 seconds

every 15″ – 3 burpees

If you all bring that with you on Saturday, you’ll be way ahead of the game!



Andy Petranek, Founder / Head Coach
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(310) 260-9550

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