Waiting for UPS

Cause it seems I ordered more shoes…

January 29 2012

Yes I am late posting…but on the upside of being late I can say…
Happy Birthday Diego!!

The new movement classes on Saturday are such a great addition to the work we are doing in Crossfit. Thanks for bringing this to us coach!

I saw a commercial for Gatorade that really really caught my attention. The new campaign is called “Win from Within”

Win From Within

Interesting campaign….it’s not about the shirt or the zero weight shoes, it’s about what is inside of you… hmmmm shoes.  Shoes. Shoes.Shoes….I have recently become obsessed with my feet and how I am outfitting my feet. As much as I hate to admit it, much of this focus on my feet and the equipment for my feet comes from external sources. I listen to folks at the gym, I watch and listen to the throwers in Albuquerque, I read blogs, and I watch videos on you tube of throwers and Crossfit. I have “drunk the kool-aid” when it comes to my feet.

About six months after I started Crossfit, I bought myself my first pair of flat athletic shoes….my trusty Pumas….I also workout in an old ratty pair of converse. When I first started throwing highland athletics, these are the shoes I threw in.

In the Highland games, the flat shoe makes it hard to Throw some events, not enough traction. So, I eventually bought myself a pair of cleats…ha! Me ….cleats. The cleats made a huge difference in some events. In my favorite event, weight over bar, I feel like the cleats anchor me to the turf until I make the decision to explode and release the weight.

Then came one of the most extreme purchases…boot blades…dang, these are kinda sexy…..they hold your feet firmly to the ground when you throw a hammer…I haven’t quite figured out the form yet with the new boots, but I am working on it. The odd thing is, it wasn’t throwing “badly” without boots. So why did I buy them? Did I get them because they are kinda cool? Did I buy them to give me Scottish highland athletic cred? Did I buy them to made me feel like I was a legitimate athlete? I suppose time and practice will give me my answer about the boots.



Then came my Crossfit shoes. I found myself thinking, if I have special shoes for throwing, I should get the right footwear for Crossfit, right? So then the UPS guy delivers my Inov-8 and later my weight lifting shoes. I feel a little obsessive. Perhaps I have gone way too far, perhaps my old pair of converse are enough? Am I trying to compensate for what I feel like I lack on the inside by buying shoes? The same question exists for me about these new Crossfit shoes that I have about the boot blades.

I am not a serious weightlifter…but if I have these shoes I may look like one….

I really hope that isn’t true, because if it is…I am kinda pathetic.


I want to believe there is something to the Gatorade ad…not that I think Gatorade is what I need on the inside…but that so much of what I can do comes from what I believe I can do…BUT there is something about having the right equipment as well….even if having the equipment simply makes me believe I can be better. I do want to be better, a better highland athlete, a better weightlifter, a better…um…athlete. So, I am trying this equipment, see what it gives me, see what I give myself by using it.

So…share…what is the equipment that helps you most?

Hey…how did those red shoes get in there? This is an athletic blog…


I love my lifting shoes. They say that the wood platform helps you transfer 15% more force than rubber. I also think that the lift helps and I like that they look like a combination of Doc Martin’s and bowling shoes. Functional and cute!!!
I also love my innov8’s!!!

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Thanks Britt!,

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