Never a dull moment

When you workout next to a crazy lady.

Saturday January 14, 2012

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, I think it is because of the pressure of New Year’s posts. They are all over the place…you know…resolutions, goals, what you tried to do last year, what you succeeded at last year….the “never make a resolution because they never work anyway” blog….and the “if you set a goal…just like I tell you, it will work this time” blogs.


I find it too tempting to fall right in line with all these writers….so I didn’t write a thing!

I missed time at the gym this week because of a minor car accident. My cervical/thoracic joint got jolted. Freaked me out too, because that is an old old pain….and I forgot just how tired I get when I am hurting. So I go back Thursday…go light and slow…feel ok, so I hit the Friday workout.

Dang…what a body burner. I’m feeling ok, so I decide to go Rx. As we start the workout….I start…um…talking to myself. A LOT. Now, I am aware that I am known to giggle a bit…sometimes when I am told to approach the bar, I actually wave to it and say hello…and yes, I dance between reps.

Ok so why the chatter?

On Friday, I found I was actually giving myself useful tips….I did my first push press and was unhappy with my feet….so I told myself loudly, “stay in your heels.” there we other things too….like, “get back to the bar” …”just pick it up.”….. “one rep at a time.”

I was super talkative~I think in part, because I had not been in the gym for a week. But I also realized later (after I got over feeling silly) that what I was doing was reflecting what I have learned over this past year and a half from my coaches. I have moved into a place where I can indeed motivate myself during a workout! (at least a little)

I did feel the need to apologize to one of my fellow crossfitters for being so chatty… I imagine it would be annoying to workout next to me sometimes! But then again, I bet most people don’t even hear the chatter….I know I don’t…unless Heather yells out my name specifically, I guess I don’t hear much but the voices in my head…it is nice to know that those voices are beginning to change from …”you’ll never do this” to voices that tell me how to do it better.

All those early workouts, hearing Tait and Crow and Heather say things like,

“you don’t get stronger while you are resting.”
“get back to that bar and move”
“one rep at a time”
“dig deep…this is when you really make it count”
“make that voice in your head shut up”

And yes, all of the technical things too….They have sunk in.

When I first started, sometimes these comments, this style of coaching felt..a little mean….or perhaps harsh is a better way to say it, but I’d like to say to the new coaches that are being trained….

I still need to hear it…Call me on my crap….push me to push myself.

But it is nice…no it is fabulous to know that I have a little athletic chutzpah in me after all.



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