Undisputed Fitness/CrossFit Santa Fe’ Rep-A-Day Challenge!

In an effort to help keep you motivated with your training over the holidays, we have created a gym wide rep a day challenge. There’s no money on the line. The only cost is your commitment.

The way the challenge works is like this:
• On the 1st day, you do one Burpee. On the 2nd day, you do two burpees. On the 3rd day, you do 3 burpees. So on and so forth for 60 days.
• If you miss a day, you have to make them up the next day
and do the full amount for that day.
• Any reps you do during your regular workout do not count toward your daily total.
• The challenge starts Monday, November 21st and goes through Thursday, January 19th.

This is something everybody can do, regardless of where they’re at or what they’re doing. You can even get your family and friends in on it (what better way to celebrate the holidays?!).

A good portion of our community has already put their name down on the list to participate so don’t miss the boat; let’s stay great together this holiday season!

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