Push press – 5×5 @ 65-70% of 1 rep max


Can you finish this WOD?!

10 Thrusters 95/65

20 Sit ups

10 Over head squats

20 Pushups

10 Sumo deadlift high pulls

20 Burpees

10 Pushpress

20 Hollow rocks

200m run

To make it interesting; the time cap on the wod is set by the fastest person of the day. So in the first class of the day, everybody is done when the first person (doing prescribed) finishes. That time is now the cap on the workout for the rest of the day. UNTIL someone in another class finishes faster (again, prescribed). So say Person A in the 6am class finishes the workout in 7:30. The time cap is 7:30. Then Person B in the 12pm class finishes the workout in 6:45. The time cap for the workout is now 6:45.

Can you finish?

Mobility WOD