Thursday- Earn your WOD

How have you guys been doing with your burpees every day? Let us know how we can help you! TODAY IS 11 burpees!!!!!!

Earn your WOD
U must ‘pass’ the rowing ‘buy in’ to earn the right to WOD.
Boys must row 500m in under 1:35
Girls must row 500m in under 1:50
If you complete this, rest 5:00and complete  ur wod, if not, keep trying!!! Non completers wod will be 4×500 m row with 3:00 rest between each effort. Post best efforts as score

Earned WOD
50 wall ball 20/14 10′
50 kb clean 24/16 (25 each arm)
50 Turkish getup (form before speed!!!)

Mobility WOD