Recent times from Lorenzo and his boyz!

Lorenzo’s most recent letter:

Hey folks! Got some recent times to share with you fine folk… gonna take a week off next week.. gotta reset the mind and body.. even though this love of Crossfit is never routine.. it is unfortuantley here in the clink… so gotta relax and recall all the reasons why I love this sport so very much πŸ˜‰ its incredible to go through what I have to go through in here with all these challenges… it will really help me when im training and coaching others when Im out next to you all sweating it out..Β  Crossfit is an insanely hard mental game.. and body.. when you only have this type of game (Crossfit) to reflect on, it becomes even more of a mental game.. while people outside get to explore other endeavors ours only goes as far as an occasional softball or football game.. when weather is premitting… while my speed explosion is increasing huge and my stamina the only other thing we have to compare with is another day in the box…. enjoy your outsource my friends and push everything you gain to everything you want!Β  Here are some times for the Englewood Box:

“Nasty Girls”
Lorenzo- 12:55 125lb HC Rx everything else
Will- 13:41 115 HC’s pullups and hold sub muscle ups
Jon- 14:42 115 HC’s same as above
JR- 13:38 Rx HC same as above
Shane- 13:55 95lb HC’s same as above

5 Snatch Balance 115
10 Back Squats
15 Ring Dips
200 m run
L- 22:53 65 SB, rx all other
W- 22:13 65 SB assisted rings
J- 22:21 65 SB assisted rings
JR- 17:41 Rx sub reg dips

For time
25 Walking lunges (1=1)
20 Pullups
50 Box Jumps 20in
20 Doubles
25 Ring Dips
30 DB swings 2 pood
30 situps
20 Hang Squat Cleans 35lb DB
25 Back Ext
30 Wallball
3 Rope Ascents
L- 17:26 rx
W- 23:38 rx
J- 22:55 Rx
Jr: 20:15 Rx
G- 18:52 40lb no rope ascent
I-27:17 40lb no rope

15 KB swings 55lb
15 power cleans 95
15 box jumps
L-26:16…lol.. it was a VERY humbling day for me

12 C2B pullups
24 Walking lunges 35lb
L- 13:48 Rx
W- 14:26 Rx sub pike pushups
J- 18:40 Rx same as above
JR- 15:02 Rx 40lb lunges

For time
100 Doubles
30 wall balls
20 toes to bar
30 box jumps 24in
20 SDHP 110lb DB
30 burpees
20 shoulder to O/H’s 135
120 ft sled pull sled+ 165
L-16:38 125 O/H rx all others
W-20:14 same
J- 20:23 95 O/H
JR- 20:52 RX

Squat Clean Thrusters
pullups/toes to bar
L-16:39 @ 95lb
W-23:36 same
J- 21:23 same

Filthy Fifty
L-29:29 DB swings 45, walking lunges 35lb
W- 33:37 same
J 34:38 same
JR- 33:10 same

Manna from Heaven
Deads 255
O/h 95
L-9:26 RX
W- 17:00 RX
J-13:15 225 dl 85 O/h
Jr- 6:52 RX

Highest Box Jump
Lorenzo- 42 in
Will-36 in

More to come! Peace! :)



Sumo Deadlift High Pull 115/75
Power clean 115/75
Kb swing 24k/16k
Β  Extra credit…double under challenge. Max double unders in two minutes

Mobility WOD