Thursday- Earn your WOD

How have you guys been doing with your burpees every day? Let us know how we can help you! TODAY IS 11 burpees!!!!!!

Earn your WOD
U must ‘pass’ the rowing ‘buy in’ to earn the right to WOD.
Boys must row 500m in under 1:35
Girls must row 500m in under 1:50
If you complete this, rest 5:00and complete  ur wod, if not, keep trying!!! Non completers wod will be 4×500 m row with 3:00 rest between each effort. Post best efforts as score

Earned WOD
50 wall ball 20/14 10′
50 kb clean 24/16 (25 each arm)
50 Turkish getup (form before speed!!!)



5×5 goblet squat 32kb/20
With a 10 second handstand hold between each sets of squats


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

OHS 95/65


Clean and jerks 3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1 to find your 1 rep max


Find your 1000m row PR.

And it’s time for 9 burpees!

Welcome back! 8 burpees!!

Hey guys!!! Welcome back!! Hope that your Thanksgiving was full of thanks, turkey, and burpees!


3 handstand pushups
6 strict pullups
9 second L sit
12 pistols

weekend regrets

and commitments

Sat November 26th


I am one unfocused monkey these days..I know I have a lot going on….you know…my kiddo is applying and auditioning for colleges….and all the emotional shifts that is bringing has made me put myself at the bottom of my own list again.  I know it is easy for many of us to do. In October, after my back injury….I was only working out once or twice a week.  FINALLY last week I got myself to the gym 4 days. I really felt I was back on track..Well this week?  Um, twice.  Add to that the fact that I swear that half of my diet recently has been chocolate covered almonds and…well…UGH is the only word I can come up with.  I seem to be giving into all of my old stress related behaviors.

So at the end of last week (even though I fell part this week) I sat down with a coach and set some goals.  I have done this a couple of times….and I find that if I set the tiny steps that get me to the places I want to be…that the whole process becomes a workable system.

The first thing that came to mind is that I have to prep for the world masters competition in May….So Heather looks at me and says…”Well, how do you do that?’

Second step…hmmm…well I need more explosive power and more over all strength.

Heather, “Well, how do you do that?”

I am thinking…maybe with chocolate covered almonds but I shake off that thought.  Snatches and jerks…since I have trouble getting under that bar and back squats to build strength.

Heather “Well, how much? How do you get there?”

Third step, well, I want a 250 Back squat and for right now I want to be confident getting under the bar quickly.

Heather focuses me here and says ok…Let’s go light on the snatches and jerks…twice a week and one day a week work the Wendler method for the back squat….BUT for ONE month..then we will check back in…see where you are.


Do~able…short goals…I don’t have to obsess about the far off games in May…just on my light snatches and jerks.

I don’t really think it matters why you have a goal…just that we choose one.  I am really hoping that if I can keep my focus on this next month that perhaps some of the other things will fall into my almond issue!  I personally need to be accountable to someone else…so I propose to anyone reading this…go grab a coach!  Sit down and talk…if you can’t think of a goal…I am absolutely sure that our coaches watch us closely enough to know where each one of us struggles…and then let them ask you, “How do you get there?” 

Post it here if you want…and keep each one another accountable….PLEASE keep me accountable!

Let’s come through the winter…stronger or faster or more flexible together.


PS…Did you do your 6 burpees today?

Black Friday

Don’t forget, only two classes tomorrow! 12pm and 4:30pm!

Three rounds for time of:
20 L-Pull ups
30 Toes to bar
40 Burpees
800 meter run

And don’t forget to do your 4 burpees today! Tim Franke didn’t!

Happy Thanksgiving…this Bird be flyin’!


What a wonderful farewell night we had tonight. I have to say that I am full of a mix of emotions…torn between sorrow and excitement…the space between what is familiar and comfortable and the unknown, between what I want and what my dear friend needs. I am so joyful and GRATEFUL and I miss her already .I am so glad hat we had the opportunity to have a big old family dinner tonight and to honor and celebrate Crow. WE LOVE YOU MISS BYRD!!! HAVE THE BEST MOST AMAZING ADVENTURE EVER AND THEN GET YOUR BUTT BACK TO US WITH OODLES OF AMAZING STORIES, WISDOM AND PHOTOGRAPHS!

I am leaving in the wee hours of the morning to go be with my entire family for the first time in 4 years…mom, dad, sister , brother , nieces and nephews et all.. It is particularly hard to leave here this year. It is because of Undisputed and our community,  I feel more connected to Santa Fe (and to humanity) than I have in years.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for the family that we are building and I just want you to know that I feel so proud and thankful to be a part of our gym and so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life.

That being said…drop and give me FOUR burpees!!!!!

I have been remiss in posting photos lately…so here are a few to keep you company over the Thanksgiving Holiday! Don’t forget…we are closed on Thanksgiving and there is a noon class and a 4:30 class only(CrossFit) on Friday. Saturday will be business as usual!

Dani's first rope climb!!!!!

Mej and Mona after Monday's WOD!!!!!


Vince and Diana get through the last 100 squats on Monday!!!!


Heather P's beautiful push press.


Angela Del Mar and Kevin Wilson!Where to begin.... the hottness...the hair...the cupcake

Mona and Crow! LOVE!



Wednesday( also known as day 3 )

Hey y’all!!! Wednesday is Day 3 of the rep a Holiday challenge!! SO…3 burpees it is! Feel free to do them in public, earing outfits and please take pictures and email them to us!!!!

15 min amrap
10 dead lifts 135/95
15 wall balls 20/14 10’standard for all
20 box jumps 24″/20″

Post workout:
3 rds
10 good mornings PVC
10 scorpions (5each side)
10 superman(prone cobra)



Push press – 5×5 @ 65-70% of 1 rep max


Can you finish this WOD?!

10 Thrusters 95/65

20 Sit ups

10 Over head squats

20 Pushups

10 Sumo deadlift high pulls

20 Burpees

10 Pushpress

20 Hollow rocks

200m run

To make it interesting; the time cap on the wod is set by the fastest person of the day. So in the first class of the day, everybody is done when the first person (doing prescribed) finishes. That time is now the cap on the workout for the rest of the day. UNTIL someone in another class finishes faster (again, prescribed). So say Person A in the 6am class finishes the workout in 7:30. The time cap is 7:30. Then Person B in the 12pm class finishes the workout in 6:45. The time cap for the workout is now 6:45.

Can you finish?

Monday Monday AND the start of the Rep A Day Challenge!

Don’t forget, Monday is the beginning of the

Rep-a-day challenge! Do one (1) burpee today!


Monday’s WOD:

100 Double Unders

20 Toes to bar

40 KB V-twists (20/12)

60 Chest to bar pull ups

80 Games standard push ups

100 Goblet squats (20/16)


Mobility WOD