Wonderful Wednesday

Fall is in full swing and there may even be a storm on the way….as winter approaches what are some things you hope to cultivate during the quiet season? Holidays can bring up a lot of stuff for people, what things come up for you? Learning to identify the things that keep us stuck or patterns that no longer serve us is the first step. The second is goal setting. Let your fellow athletes and coaches know the goals you are setting for yourself. The goals need to be clear and positive. They need to have a time frame that is both reasonable and challenging.

Coming up in the next few months we will announce an all school holiday challenge. And as always we are here for you to set goals and succeed. So start thinking ahead, dream big and prepare for greatness!

Wednesday’s WorkOut of the Day:

100 KB thrusters with 5 burpees at the top of every minute until all 100 thrusters are completed

Time for me to come in and sit down and reexamine some goals I have missed and things to focus on. I can get WAY too vague when it comes to goals…

Comment by Mona Malec — October 26, 2011 @ 2:58 pm

So- any one that knows me knows what a sap I am… but these pictures made me tear up and feel so grateful for our community! Boxtoberfest was AMAZING!!!!!!
PS- Crow and I wear the same outfit to work about 90% of the time. Never planned, but it totally demonstrates what great taste we both have!!!!

Comment by CrossFit Santa Fe — October 27, 2011 @ 4:59 am

Mobility WOD