Thru the Looking Glass

With the challenge of today’s workout, an overhead lift and the carrying of a fellow athlete around on your back, no doubt many of you are doing things you have never done before. This is fantastic! An accomplishment to be sure. So how has CrossFit changed your perspective of yourself? How has it changed your perspective of others, of your environment, of what is possible?

I know that when I am out and about every planter box is a possible box jump, every branch or awning is tempting me to pull up on to it.  An evening party with friends is an excuse for a push up or pistol challenge. Moving furniture will never be the same. I know that in the two years I have been with Undisputed Fitness I have become strong in ways I never imagined, physically and mentally. My capacity for what is possible is expanded each and every day. My expectations and vision for what community means, looks and feels like has changed and I know now what is possible and what exists.

But I want to hear from you all, what do you see thru the looking glass?

Tuesday’s Workout of the Day:

We are beginning a series of strength training, the lift we will be working on for the coming weeks is the push press.

FORZA: push press 5×5 same weight COOKIE: 30-60-90 ring dips, wall balls (20/14), jumping squats, jumping lunges

Two words…Highland Games….This weekend i was asked to compete at the next hit the World Masters games for 2012. I know you all have read my posts about this new concept of athlete…well this weekend has change my view of myself in amazing ways…because this idea of athlete is being seen by people outside of Undisputed. I am changed. i am honored.
…And I am having more fun than I ever thought possible…and I believe in my own strength through this looking glass..

Comment by Mona Malec — October 3, 2011 @ 10:34 pm

The biggest thing for me has been the mental side, how after doing enough workouts where I was certain I would not be able to finish, and I did, you start to look at everything differently. Hard things are just hard, but not impossible.

Comment by Alex Quezada — October 4, 2011 @ 7:12 pm

Nice! I agree with both of you, or I can relate….hard things are just that; HARD nothing more and I too am more fun than I ever though possible…suck an honor to train with both of you…Crow Rising

Comment by CrossFit Santa Fe — October 5, 2011 @ 2:31 am

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