Playing through the pain is….

really stupid…until I did it myself.

Sat Oct 22

I grew up watching football…I love it~I really do. I think it may simply be the connection to a Father I lost way too soon because I am not into the violence thing at all.  One thing I never understood was the whole, “Play through the Pain”. It has always bothered me to see some hanging off a forearm, finger bent in the wrong direction, tooth knocked out, put a helmet on and just go back on the field.  Really what the hell? Does adrenaline kick in that much?

So…fast forward…I hit a Scottish Games in Aztec, NM.  the first games in Aztec by the way… I am getting ready to compete…we head to the Weight for Distance Event…I pick up a weight and my back feels..weird.  I ignore it… sort of…the judges decide to move the women over to hammers…We all warm up a bit, throwing some light ones around.  I throw a heavy hammer…I am fine.  I throw the second time…my back, oh dear god my back.  The hammer demands a lot, huge flexibility in your spine, your hips and core stability.  I felt something tear along my spine.

So what did I do?  I threw the third one.

Then, I threw all 8 events. Why? I don’t know…I am not getting paid anything for this.  I have no endorsements.  I don’t owe any of these dudes money.


My back keeps seizing up all day , but as usual the other athletes help me out…I got some awesome back rubs and some killer meds on my back that day.

this is not a happy athlete…HA!

I kept throwing, and throwing well, I hit some new records even..I played through the pain and I have been paying for it ever since.

I am sure there is some balance issue I will figure out in the long run, but I didn’t that day.  Perhaps in the heat of a competition, even with oneself…the balance does shift to just keep pushing.

For now..I rest…and I pay super close attention to form. I have Boxtober fest today and I feel guilty that my pushing in Aztec meant I could not train well…I also have a competition in Tucson in two weeks…So I’ll strap on my kilt and my game face and probably push my body too hard.  Why? I still don’t know….

But I did see this article at Breaking Muscle that may explain some of my behavior that weekend.

My Favorite section~


The ability to turn on and off the focus and the “moment” of competition is part of what separates professional and successful athletes from the rest of us. For athletes of all levels, however, the mine can still be a mindfield of obstacles to navigate. The thing Kenny has seen most often get in the way of great athletes is the element of fear – specifically, the fear of past failures repeating themselves. ~ The difference between the great athletes and what makes people really good and not so good is the willingness to let go of all the fear and the failure they had in whatever practices, put that behind them, and now trust that those new skill sets are there and they’re going to be able to allow those skill sets to come through – not cognitively but instinctively. That’s the distinction; you’re replacing the emotional component of fear with trust.

So~I stayed in the “moment ” of the competition.  Its funny….this athletic pursuit is so much like my artistic life…this same quote could be used to describe acting…HA!

Here is the full article…


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