Boxtoberfest is this Saturday and Sunday

What does it mean to participate? Well, if you want to know, you should head down to Boxtoberfest this coming Saturday and Sunday at Albuquerque’s CrossFit Caliente(previously The Black Box) and/or to Grapplefest (Saturday only at Cleveland High School) and find out! Undisputed Fitness/Crossfit Santa Fe will be represented by two teams at Boxtoberfest. The team that will be competing in the RX’d division will consist of Phil Madrid, Seth Iliff, Jenna Rios, and Susan Bonicillo. The team that will be competing in the scaled division is Mark Martinez, Kim Martinez, Mona Malec and Kevin Yarritu. Maybe their training, courage, perseverance and teamwork will inspire you to sign up for the next Crossfit competition, after all- that’s what Crossfit is all about, isn’t it?

This team-based competition will host three WODs over two days with three different athletic divisions. All competitor slots are full, but there is lots of room for spectators to cheer on the athletes. This is bound to be an extraordinarily fun event. The WOD’s are going to be really challenging and these athletes are going to have to dig deep and give it there all. What could be better than an entire day of Crossfit and community building.

To find out what the WOD’s will be, check out:

To learn more about Grapplefest, where most of our Jiu Jitsu team will be competing, go to:


3 rep back squat max
6 minute amrap
3 pullups
6 pushups
9 jumping lunges


Mobility WOD