Athlete Profile: Kim Allen

Athlete Profile  for October 2011

Kim Allen
48 yrs old
First XFit class, CrossFit Durango, 11/09 

How is CrossFit different from what you’ve done before?
I started XFit with the intention of learning new strength and conditioning modalities, ultimately I wanted to get pushed beyond my comfort zone.  I had spent over 25 years guiding internationally, (climbing, kayaking, canyoneering, etc), and I had run several ultra marathons and competed in Adventure Races throughout the West.  CrossFit combined the endurance, strength (mental and physical) that I was looking for.

Describe your experience at CrossFit Santa Fe….
Family, tribe, fun, support, camaraderie, challenging, frustrating….Each of the CrossFit Santa Fe coaches have a unique and personal style by which they train and connect with each of the athletes.  I admire and respect their ability to push each of us in ways that are specific to our needs so that we feel that our efforts are appreciated and taken seriously.  And, they have a keen radar for the days that we aren’t pushing ourselves to the degree that we are capable.  The encouragement and the support of all the athletes for one another creates an energy that is inspiring and one that stays with me for the remainder of my day.

What is your exercise routine?
I have been a long distance trail runner for over 20 years and I continue to escape into the hills and mountains to unwind.  I was a professional whitewater and ocean kayaker for many years and I am excited to be returning to Colorado next month to spend more time on the rivers as part of my daily routine.  Currently, I attend CrossFit classes 3x/week, trail run 4x/week and lift weights 3x/week on my lunch break from class.

Do you have a diet plan? If so, what is it?
I have been an avid Paleo convert with the occasional stray of ice cream since April 2011.  The biggest change, however, came last August when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I have altered the Paleo somewhat to include more plant based foods rather than relying on meat for all of my protein needs.

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit?
My favorite aspect of XFit is the teamwork and support that the athletes provide for one another.  I also really enjoy the changes that I have seen in my body from learning the techniques of Olympic lifting.  I am nearing 50 and there are noticeable changes in muscle mass and VO2 max that occur with aging, the Olympic lifts have created more muscle mass and overall strength.

What are your fitness goals for the next year?
To beat cancer.  Fitness, health, laughter, diet, they all contribute to our immune system.  I believe that fitness is an integral part of one’s lifestyle.  It not only sustains better health for each of us but perhaps it will provide an awareness that creates healthier communities and a healthier environment, (75% of all breast cancers are caused by the environment, <7% are genetic…).

Fight Gone Bad – My all time favorite WOD, 203 reps

Back squats – 155lbs
Dead lift – 185lbs
Box jump – 32″
Sundance – 11 rounds
Annie Gone Bad – 27.4 minutes


And as you may know, tomorrows’ chica es “FRAN”

Mobility WOD