“Times and Other Thangs” from Lorenzo

Hopefully by now, you all know who Lorenzo is!!! I also hope that you have noticed the new picture on the wall over the benches of our Lorenzo’s Crossfit class. It fills my heart up every time that I look at those guys. It remind me of what is possible even in the face of no agreement(prison), when we really commit to what we believe in and to making a difference. I send Lorenzo our programming every week and he in turn runs two Crossfit classes a day adapting our programming to suit their somewhat limited means and bringing all the wonderful challenges that Crossfit provides to 8(could be 12 now) inmates at Englewood Federal Prison Camp.

Lorenzo and Crossfit Englewood!

Some times from last week…. Miss you guys!

100 Double U’s
10 Burpee
50 DL 225/155
10 Burpee
40 Ring dips
10 Burpee
30 Chest 2 Bar pullups
10 Burpee
20 Abmat situps
10 Burpee
10 Front Squats 135/95
Lorenzo- 20:00 @ 205 DL 1/2ring dip 1/2 reg dips px front
Will- 27:24 Same
Jon 31:54 @ 185DL same

8 Burpee
8 O/H Walking Lunges 45/25
Lorenzo- 12:58 Px
Will- 13:35
Jon- 13:36

10 Pistol Squat
15 Arch Rocks
20 Walking Lunges
25 Abmat situps

15min AMRAP
5 hang Snatches@ 75
10 O/H Squats
15 Pushups
20 Situps
25 Double Unders
Lorenzo 5 Rds 5 Snatches, 10 O/H’s @ 65
Will 4 Rds 5 and 9 O/h’s

“crazy 8’s”
8 SDHP 55lb DB
8 Thrusters 95
8 pushups
8 burpees
8 Push press 95
8 C2B Pullups
8 Walking Lunges (2=1)
8 ab mats
Lorenzo-37:17 @ 75
Will 40:00 time limit 7 rds 8SDHP 8 Thrusters @75
Jr-7 rds 40:00 time limit @65
General- 6rds 40:00 time limit @ 45
Jeramiah sent this one to me from his Dallas box… its a conditioning WOD.. and its rough!!! He finished 61/2 rds in the 40 minute time limit… wowzers! Some of the guys watching me lo ltold me I looked like i was going to cry! :)

So far this week… keep you posted as always :)  I have had some guys hating on me and talking a bunch of BS about my program.. but you know things people dont understand and cant grasp they automatically make fun or hate…. they forget it takes HARD work to be an animal.. a true beast with skills of balance agility power and speed… this fuels the fire to show them how well this works for the individuals who hold truth and belief in themselves.. I push this forward strongly :)  Love you all mad! Miss you guys!
p.s… .I have made up a WOD called “The TenEighty”…. its B R U T A L!  let you know when we do it and conquer the challenge of finishing it in the 40 minute time limit :) Peace!

…And that in a nutshell is why we love him!!!!!!

Heather McKearnan

Catch you on the flip side. I am off to Mexico. I will miss you guys!!!!

Haters gonna hate. We ALL come across people who have to talk shit about CF. But, Lorenzo has the BEST attitude….others will come to see his truth.

Heather…have a FANTABULOUS time in Mexico!!!!

Comment by Alexis B — September 2, 2011 @ 3:13 pm

Big ups dude!

Comment by aidan maloney — September 3, 2011 @ 3:12 am

Mobility WOD