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Sept 17th 2011

Ok First….Congrats to all of you guys who are doing Fight Gone Bad today! I am there with you in spirit.  I can’t wait to see the blog post and the photos.

I have been thinking a lot about the whole aspect of training for something…I am really amazed at how much it focuses me on specific movements and more recently on my diet…

Ahhh diet!

Such a dirty little word isn’t it?  It has been almost a year since Undisputed hosted a 2 month paleo diet challenge.  I remember hearing about it…a lot….annoyingly. I kept thinking~this sounds really crazy.  I had tried to give up wheat a few months before to disastrous results…dizzy, tired, weak…generally yuck.

For some reason…I still cannot figure out…I walked into the gym December 1st, Crow looked at me and said, “are you in?”

I said yes…In that moment I thought…well if I don’t at least try….I mean, really I can fail, no big deal~but I can at least try.  So here I am, still “paleo” not hard core paleo…but paleo that works for me. The challenge gave me an opportunity to reboot my system. I did not really know how foods changed my body.  Now I know.

What I find funny are the arguments between Undisputed athletes about what is really paleo as well as other people in my life who question my “diet.”

First….it is not a diet.  Since I went through the reboot, I am simply more aware of how foods effect my body. It is simply a way of eating.

Second, I eat whatever the hell I want.  Honestly I do.  If I want a cheesey plate of nachos I eat it.  I know what it will do to me the next day….but I choose to eat it or not now. I eat things like cheese super infrequently…because I am aware.

Third, it is different for everyone.  Everyone needs to experiment with foods that they tolerate. There is no ONE WAY to do paleo.  Just as there was no ONE REGION that paleo peoples existed.  Some people can tolerate corn…some potatoes…some rice.  To me it is about being really responsible to my body…to learn to listen to how it reacts to food. Add things slowly and be honest about how your body reacts.

So, to all of my fellow athletes…lets just agree to disagree.  Everyone needs to find their own version of what works. If your body tells you to be all hard core…100% fine…cool I’ll respect that…but please respect the person for whom 80% is what works for them.  Let’s keep asking questions and perhaps doing mini challenges too.  I can always use help staying on track…which ever track it may be!


Well put Mona!

Comment by Phil Madrid — September 18, 2011 @ 6:58 pm

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