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So FIGHT GONE BAD was a great success at Undisputed Fitness. We raised a bunch of money, sweat a lot and had a great time routing each other on and pushing ourselves!!!! All told, Undisputed raised $4,616.00 for charity!!!!! YEAH!!!! Really impressive!!! There are a few athletes that should get a special mention here for busting their asses, not only in the WOD, but in raising what could be referred to as a shit ton of mullah!!! Joaquin Sanchez raised a whopping $1,445.00. Crow Rising raised an impressive $1,290.00. And Tim the Franke raised $650.00 big ones. Great job guys!!!

The second heat!



Henry coaches Nate threw the row!

Heather push presses




Crow digs!

Always smiling Ruben!



Pushhhh Shannon!












Post WOD giddyness!!!







Thank you Jesus!

I happen to be a super emotional person, however I think that any one would agree that this was a superbly special and moving event. This is what it is all about folks and I am so blessed to be a part of it and to witness your greatness!!!! Thank you all!

And to make it that much better, our dear Lorenzo joined in from a far and this is what he had to say about it (being an over achiever, he went for 5 rounds, which probably would have killed me)…

From Lorenzo:

Whet up!! :) Did Fight Gone bad with you all  today.. ooooof! Man.. did it at the end of July as well.. I did ok….scored a 372 last time.. im kind of being hard on myself right now and I need to relax with it.. focus and commit to everything… but i scored a total of 330 points for 4 rounds this time.. until they called stand up count… just 5 more minutes and we could of finished the 5th round… 😛 I was hoping to break the 400 mark.. needless to say my Push Presses need work.. as everything else as well lol… CF POR VIDA!! :)   But had all the 9 class members do it today.. so it was super crazy and fun! Stoked I got to be a part of it with all the other Boxes!  Head up shoulders high y’all…. keep livin’ life full force for me!  Mad love

Pretty damn inspiring, Lorenzo

Comment by Alexis B — September 22, 2011 @ 7:52 pm

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