Today’s WOD was Kettlebell-centric:

10 KB Swings (24/16)

10 Overhead Squats- One arm (scale to front squat)

10 KB SNatches

10 Push ups

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes (and what a long 20 minutes it was!!!!!)

Balance and accuracy played a huge role in this workout. The hollow was ever present. And core to extremity was crucial!!!

For the each of the skill sets, we had our athletes teach as a community. We asked questions like: “How wide is should your stance be?”, “”Where should your weight be?”, “How do you prevent the bell from slamming down on the back of your wrist at the top of the snatch?” and our students contributed their knowledge and taught each other as they taught themselves. I, for one, think this is a great learning tool and I thoroughly enjoyed the amplified participation. You guys know a lot and it was great to hear you articulate it!!!!

In case you have never gone to the side bar to the right of this page and clicked the box that says “Movements and exercises explained here”, here are a few examples of the plethora of demo videos that you can find there. The sheer volume of interesting and useful informational and instructional videos is awe inspiring. AND IT IS FREE AND AVAILABLE TO ANY ONE THAT WANTS TO SPEND HOURS AND DAYS DOING RESEARCH AND HONING THEIR SKILLS! For me this is another great learning tool. I loose hours sometimes totally geeking out watching these videos. It is endless. You can find almost any Crossfit exercise or workout there. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!

Here is one of 8 videos covering the KB Swing. It is interesting because Jeff Martone teaches the Russian swing which rarely comes up above shoulder height. At Crossfit Santa Fe we teach/do the American swing. They are different only in the heigth of the top of the swing, all the lower body technique is the same…

Below is a video of Martone (he is definitely Crossfit HQ’s Kettlebell guru) teaching the KB Snatch. I love his accent…

So, the next time you look at the WOD the night before and are curious about a movement or a lift, get engaged and do some homework. You will be glad that you did and you wlll go into the workout with a new knowledge and access to expanded performance!!!!

This is the first step….the next one is to subscribe to The Crossfit Journal! It is $25 a year for a mind boggling wealth of knowledge and information form the best of the best in the world of Crossfit!!!

Heather McKearnan

Mobility WOD