About running…running is the modality with the highest rate of injury, why? Because people think it is the most natural thing in the world, and therefor anyone can just get out and do it. Now before you get your shoelaces in a knot, what I mean by that is this….Running is a SKILL. Everyone can run, and it is a natural thing to do, but we are far from natural, far from our ancestral ways. We need to learn to run just as we need to learn Olympic lifts, or pull ups or handstands. More to come on technique, theory, history, gear, etc.

But for tomorrow, running. Single modality with an emphasis on hip hammy and glute mobility in preparation for Fight Gone Bad 6, this Saturday.

WOD: 1 mile run, rest 4min. 800m run, rest 3min. 600m run, rest 2min. 400m run, rest 1min. 200m run.

Mobility WOD