A reminder from one of our athletes…

Tough reminders

by Alexandrina Brown on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 11:20pm

Today at the gym was not the usual gum drops, puppy dogs, and rainbows. For being essentially a basic movement class, it felt brutal. It didn’t help that I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about going to the gym today, either.

Today was a good reminder that CrossFit isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be. It hurt. My mind was doing it’s best to tell me what I was doing was ridiculous. I know I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. I wasn’t even in the mood to be there to begin with. But, no matter what your head tells you, your body can do more. I’m glad my coach reminded me of that half way through, because as I dripped sweat from doing these basic movements, I was ready to call it quits.

But I didn’t. I may have slowed down…a lot. I may have had to adjust and scale my movements at the end. But I fininished.

And so that’s the other reminder – You don’t have to be the best in class. You don’t have to be at your best. You have to take that first step of showing up, followed by doing it as best you can in that moment.

And on that note…

200 mtr run
100 kb snatches 24/16
10 double unders
80 kb swings
20 doubles
60 one armed kb squat cleans
40 doubles
40 one armed kb front squats
60 doubles
20one armed kb O/H squats
80 doubles
10 c2b pullups
100 doubles


Great job today with the complex complex!

For tomorrow:

5 minute amraps

Cindy….then rest 2 minutes

5 dead hangs
10 games pushups
15 jumping squats
…then rest 2 minutes

5Burpee pullups
10 hollow position pushups
15 goblet squats 24/32



Hey athletes!!! Sorry this is so late!!!! I just got back from NYC!!!


16min amrap
5 snatches (squat snatch for rx athletes) 95/65
5 squat cleans
5 jerks
5 box jumps (26/32inches)

Personal Records

Tomorrow, DO NOT MISS! After weeks of training DeadLifts we will be setting personal records for the leader board.

3,2,1,1,1,1,1…to a one rep max



kb v-twists (10/16)

kb snatch

More bizarre observations through the lens of my unhealthy self….

pain in my……

Sat Sept 24th 2011


So, when I started this quest of mine…this quest for health….I used to imagine that I would feel great all the time.

IF…(I had a long list of ‘ifs”):

If I lost 100  pounds

If I was skinny

If I fit into a size 10

If I was attractive

Any of these things would create this magical new skin that I could place over my body and feel no pain.

Now that some of these things have shown up through all of the sweat and tears I could muster, I am still in pain.  A different kind of pain…but still.  I really thought that fit people, healthy people felt great all of the time. What I see now, not only in myself but on the throwing field, in the gym is all sorts of pain.

I am sore most of the time. Really. Now, for a while I thought…,”This is what I get for being so lazy for so long, this is the price I pay for starting to workout in middle age.”

Well, I was watching some of the dudes I throw with on Saturday….I watch Crow and Heather and Phil…they have issues too…they are sore or they don’t feel great or they get injured. The difference is they work around it~work through it~push beyond it.

I am learning to like the new pain I feel….unlike two years ago, when I was in pain because my knees hurt from the extra weight, or my back hurt, or I gave up on  a hike because I couldn’t breathe..now the pain I feel is from pushing myself. From tearing and rebuilding the muscles that I finally have in my arms.  From throwing weight above my head on the competition field. The pain of growth.

I still beat myself up a bit.  Who doesn’t? But I am working on that pain now too.  Since the physical pain has shifted~I am trying to examine the emotional pain through the same lens of growth. I am also learning~again~that there is no end point on this journey…until I die that is.  I have always known that in my head but never really begun to accept that in my heart or soul or whatever you want to call it.  I also know that it can end at any time…THAT I have understood and honestly been frozen by sometimes.

Those old “goals” of a number on the scale or a dress size were not really goals…I saw them as an end point, a destination…everything thing in my life will be great when….sort of thing.  Now I see goals as guide posts, road signs along the path.

So, right now, as long as I stay healthy…I shall continue to throw things, because it seems to feed growth and pain in both of these areas. I will also work at pushing through to some new physical places in CrossFit…PUSH UPS!


I had no idea I could feel good and have pain at the same time.

And um…look pretty cool in a kilt too…






Tighten up Yer Game!

Well well, today was no joke… and after to talking to a lot of students I realized that so many of you fail to maintain your hands! Gloves are NOT the answer folks. Filing down your calluses regularly, switch up your grip (which will greatly improve your strength in different ways) and tighten up your game. Tightening your game means different things to different people. What can you do, what are you willing to do do tighten up your game? Post to comments.

Tomorrow, Whittman.

Cheers! xox  Crow

Our FGB 6 Results!

Our FGB Scoreboard!

So FIGHT GONE BAD was a great success at Undisputed Fitness. We raised a bunch of money, sweat a lot and had a great time routing each other on and pushing ourselves!!!! All told, Undisputed raised $4,616.00 for charity!!!!! YEAH!!!! Really impressive!!! There are a few athletes that should get a special mention here for busting their asses, not only in the WOD, but in raising what could be referred to as a shit ton of mullah!!! Joaquin Sanchez raised a whopping $1,445.00. Crow Rising raised an impressive $1,290.00. And Tim the Franke raised $650.00 big ones. Great job guys!!!

The second heat!



Henry coaches Nate threw the row!

Heather push presses




Crow digs!

Always smiling Ruben!



Pushhhh Shannon!












Post WOD giddyness!!!







Thank you Jesus!

I happen to be a super emotional person, however I think that any one would agree that this was a superbly special and moving event. This is what it is all about folks and I am so blessed to be a part of it and to witness your greatness!!!! Thank you all!

And to make it that much better, our dear Lorenzo joined in from a far and this is what he had to say about it (being an over achiever, he went for 5 rounds, which probably would have killed me)…

From Lorenzo:

Whet up!! :) Did Fight Gone bad with you all  today.. ooooof! Man.. did it at the end of July as well.. I did ok….scored a 372 last time.. im kind of being hard on myself right now and I need to relax with it.. focus and commit to everything… but i scored a total of 330 points for 4 rounds this time.. until they called stand up count… just 5 more minutes and we could of finished the 5th round… 😛 I was hoping to break the 400 mark.. needless to say my Push Presses need work.. as everything else as well lol… CF POR VIDA!! :)   But had all the 9 class members do it today.. so it was super crazy and fun! Stoked I got to be a part of it with all the other Boxes!  Head up shoulders high y’all…. keep livin’ life full force for me!  Mad love

Ladder shmadder!!!!


10 kb Front squat
10 GHD
10 kb strict press
10 med ball clean

10-1 / 1-10 ladder

10 squat clean thrusters
1 pullup/toes to bar

9 squat clean thrusters
2 pullup/ toes to bar….and so on…

Don’t Be Mad

Don’t be mad that it’s late and we are just now posting, it was the birthday celebration of a matriarch.

Don’t be mad that something weird happened to facebook, I am sure we will get used to it soon enough.

Don’t me mad that tomorrow we are doing “Nancy.”

It will be fun, in that CrossFit kind of way, and you and I will both be stronger for it.


DeadLift This!


Double Unders are like transforming yourself into a hummingbird

The deadlift, while a simple movement, is extremely hard to execute properly and therefore is potential hazardous.I can’t stress this enough, there is no one at our school who is above or beyond getting better at this lift. While the deadlift does strengthen your lower back, it is the tremendous leg power that gets this lift off the ground. Being able to keep your lumbar spine rigid under load is paramount for not only power transfer but safety as well. What does this mean? It means that we must have contraction on not only our lower lumbar but our thoracic spine, our abdominal muscles must be engaged fully in order to have successful and injury free lift. These muscles and more function in isometric contraction so that our skeletal structure cannot move and is therefore protected. (notice how many times I have mentioned the idea of safety) So then what happens…what happens is this; “when the trunk is held rigid, it can function as a solid segment along which the force generated by the hips and legs can be transferred to the load…across the shoulder blades and down the arms to the hands.” Mark Rippetoe

Adrian gets down!


that being said, lift heavy tomorrow and be safe! WORKOUT OF THE DAY FOR TUESDAY

FORZA: Deadlifts 5×5 5-10lbs heavier than last week. (this is the last week of deadlifts)

AsManyRoundsAsPossible: 12 minutes 5 pull ups 7 pistols 9 mountain climbers 

Coach Crow gettin it!

Mobility WOD