Why should you sign up to do Fight Gone Bad 6?


Personal growth

The Fight Gone Bad WOD can feel grueling. The movements are ones we have done many times, but the combination and the pace add to the difficulty. Sign up for the FGB6 challenge on September 17 so you have a goal to work towards. Practice finding a rhythm and regulating your breath. Work on your form. Build your endurance.What are the mental barriers this WOD presents? What can you do to overcome those?

FGB6 is a chance for all the athletes to come together in support of one another as we push ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. Our coaches have been guiding us in goal setting, and this WOD presents the perfect opportunity for that. Choose one or two of the movements presented in FGB, and make it a point to practice those.  See how much you will improve in this short period of time.


CrossFit is what we do to push ourselves. We all started this journey for very personal reasons, but the athlete profiles show that many of our reasons are similar. This similarity of thought and of what drives us builds a community of support not found in any other “gym” environment. How great does it feel to have a coach or fellow athlete help you complete a WOD with words of encouragement? Post-WOD sweaty hugs and high fives are simple gestures that keep many of us coming back.

FGB6 is a chance to work hard with your fellow athletes – for you to offer support and to get it in return.

Giving back

Besides being an opportunity for personal growth and for camaraderie, FGB6 is much more than a difficult WOD we do together. This is an opportunity for us to give back.

There’s a reason why they have created hero WODs. They are not just names. These represent real men who have struggled and fought through insane circumstances. Every time we do a hero WOD we honor those who have pushed through boundaries of the body and mind to help others.

FGB6 has given their word they’ll fund 81 full college scholarships for the children of our SpecOps brothers who’ve been killed in action over the past ten years. 21 of these are for kids who lost a parent in the Chinook incident in early August.

We all have varying political viewpoints, and particularly strong opinions about the wars the US is engaged in. FGB6 has nothing to do with this. FGB6 is about supporting people, particularly innocents who have been tragically and deeply affected by these wars – the kids of fallen soldiers.

We are not asking for a lot. Small amounts add up to make a big impact. If even half of the athletes at Undisputed Fitness raise as little as $100 each, we would be able to support the FGB6 causes with a gift of  $710. As it stands now, we have 11 people signed up as part of the team and we have raised over 600$….let’s set our sights high.  CrossFit Potamac has 96 team members and have raised 31,000!!!

How to raise money

I plan on writing another post that will help give all of you the tools you need to raise some money. But first you need to take the step in signing up on the FGB6 website: http://fgb6.rapidgiving.com/

If you don’t want to or are unable to create an account for yourself, then use the Undisputed account to request donations. Just share this link with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.: https://fgb6.rapidgiving.com/frp/fundraise.aspx?pk=28HC77K

Thank you! And I hope to see all of you on September 17!

Alexis Brown

I think the amount we could raise if half of us pushed for $100 each would be around $7000.

Comment by Alexis B — August 27, 2011 @ 12:04 am

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