One less reason to rest!

As much as I love(crave even) a great functional reason to stop my workout and tie my shoe(REST), I love even more this video that I found on I also love that it is less than 3 minutes long and that I chose to look around on TED.COM instead of turning on the boob tube, even though I have had a long ass day, full of many accomplishments and would be totally justified in “tuning out”. The busier that I am these days, the more time I seem to spend doing the things that further expand my life. Anyway, I came across this because I wasn’t watching Law and Order or Project Runway…Think of all the time that this could save us…time that we could be doing more important things than tying our shoe laces…Enjoy!

Heather McKearnan

the link no workie

Comment by CrossFit Santa Fe — August 31, 2011 @ 7:58 pm

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