in need of a little Scotch

but I don’t think there are any little Scots…

Saturday August 6, 2001

I have been traveling more than I usually do this summer, shuffling back and forth between New Mexico and Oklahoma.  I have let this get in the way of reaching many of the goals I set at the beginning of June and as the summer winds to a close I do find myself annoyed that I have not reached many of the goals I had set. I have missed more time in the gym this summer than I missed all of last year, but as many of you know I have picked up another habit…throwing heavy stuff around with a bunch of really big dudes.

Scottish Highland Games

On Wednesday, after that wicked workout, I went to Albuquerque for a training clinic with Sean Betz:

He had us work Hammers, Weight for distance, and Weight over bar, some of my favorite events!  Lucky me. Sean is a good teacher. He watched each one of us throw, then without judgement gave physical adjustments that improve the work that we were doing. I could not help but fantasize about getting adjustments in other areas of my life that might work with the same proficiency.  “Just open your stance a little and marriage will come so much easier..”  hee hee, I digress.

When I arrived, I must admit I was nervous.  For a while, it looked like I might be the only woman throwing.  As much as I really enjoy throwing and like the guys in Albuquerque this is a “boys club” kind of a sport. Also, many of the guys showing up, I had never met before Wednesday night.  Soon other guys who I knew started to trickle in as did the rain! Then Donna came.

Donna is an inspiration. She had never thrown before but her son Cody has been throwing for a while and she wanted to give it a try. She is 68 years old an a recent breast cancer survivor.

Donna got up there with these big boys, and trust me they are BIG

and threw, with no fear no self defeating talk, no I can’t or shouldn’t do this spilling all over the place. Donna fell in love with the hammer…just like me….and I fell in love with Donna’s fearlessness.

I think I finally figured out why I like these Scots so much and it is the same quality I have found at Undisputed. Maturity.  These guys want everyone to do well, they know that as each one of us improves our form or distance all of us benefit. This attitude of lifting up your fellow human being is increasingly rare especially in the current political climate that seems to want to pit all of against one another in some sort of greedy “every man for himself” scenario.

Oops I digress again.

I guess I missed this kind of athlete when I was young….but I know they are out there.  I have found two separate groups of them! I am absolutely sure that mature athletes come at all ages as well, I see it in the throwers and at Undisputed. I had no idea a year ago how much fun I would be having being athletic…so strange for me to have found this place so late…but not so late.

I mean really, look at Donna~68…trying new things…..crazy things.  I am actually looking forward to whatever it is I may try next..I feel hopeful…who knows, maybe some day I’ll even …  Maybe not….but I know I want to compete. Me~compete…HA!

You will keep on findin new inspiration, Mona, and everytime inspire us even more. Us, because know I’m not the only one you inspire.

And good Lord! Those dudes are huge!

Comment by Atenas — August 7, 2011 @ 2:42 am

Mona, you make me smile every time I see you, oxox

Comment by Kim — August 7, 2011 @ 4:57 pm

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