Ah, the shoulder press!

The shoulder press is a difficult lift that leads to great results. The reason that it is difficult is that it requires very specific and isolated muscle strength. When those muscles tire, there is nothing else to access ie. a dip( a minute movement with an extraordinary yield) to help get that bar up. When executed correctly (no bend anywhere but the elbows), the strict shoulder press is considered the best exercise for the shoulder muscles because virtually 80% of the lift is executed solely with the deltoids. That being said, the deltoids are a relatively small group of muscles consisting of three distinct sets of fibers: the anterior, the lateral and the posterior fibers, that together create the triangle shape that gives the deltoid muscle its name from the Greek letter Delta. Due to their nature, the can not handle heavy loads in the same way that larger groups of muscles can. This is why many gym guys prefer to use machines and cables when going overhead, which does not yield the same results as free weights.  Going overhead with free weights increase muscle volume and therefore muscle growth.  This is how Crossfitters get such sexy shoulders!!!!

I know that a bunch or our athletes PR’d today. I know for sure that Stephanie Iliff reached a new PR of 65 and made it look easy. I, also, know that Mona Malec broke her old, but recent PR of 95lbs and set a new PR 0f 100lbs in just 2 weeks. Getting to a shoulder PR is a tricky balance of loading the bar fast enough but not too fast. Once you burn out those shoulder muscles they are done and there is nothing else to access. Congrats guys on a job well done! We are constantly impressed with your growth and improvements.

Tim locks it out overhead!

Maynard Presses!


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