A little lesson in…..

hanging in there.

Wed….I don’t usually post mid week….but I’ll keep it brief.

I have a little asthma….exercise induced to be proper about the whole thing.  I never know what sorts of workout will be tricky for me…well unless there is a lot of running!  I looked at today’s workout and took a hit off the inhaler when I got in the gym. I even put the inhaler near my workout area in case I needed it because…well…did you see the damn workout??

I came in from the run…passed out on the floor….then it hit…the pressure in the chest…the feeling like everything is shrinking.  Using the meds before a workout is usually enough, but not today.   So I get up and head toward what I need,  take a hit…try to clear out my lungs and calm down. I am a little more “gaspy” than normal and truthfully even now…a half an hour later I don’t feel quite right…waiting for a deep breath to show up.

I realized something as I was driving away from the gym…a year ago, before I was diagnosed, I would have told myself all sorts of nasty things…But I am NOT out of shape, I am NOT too fat to workout, I am AM able to workout…I can do this.

I just have asthma. That’s it.  It was such a blessing to be given this diagnosis.  And a blessing to keep working out in spite of it.  And a blessing to have coaches who are aware of it…but never coddle me about it…cause it is just asthma.



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