Tuesday 2 August 2011

Greetings Athletes! I am so excited to be back and meeting all the new students and seeing the progression of you oldies….

So tomorrow we bring back the strict press aka the shoulder press from last week. This time we increase by 5#. In today’s workout we had some movements that required dynamic overhead holds. In order to execute these properly we needed to really engage ye old midline, hold true to the hollow position. How will this help us tomorrow? Try and notice a differences and similarities between the two WODs.  The strength WOD will be followed by a cookie/bonus round:

9 minute amrap
5 ring dips
5 ring rows
5 toes to bar

I am excited to teach the ring dips after working them a lot at the gymnastic certification I took recently at the Butcher Garage in Copenhagen Denmark.

See you all manana!

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