Thursday and Weight Lifting Facts

So tomorrow we are doing push press, squat cleans and deadlifts…in that order as a met-con.

Here are some things I wanted to highlight in regard to weight lifting…..

Weight training challenges your muscles by providing a stress to the muscle that causes it to adapt and get stronger, similar to the way aerobic conditioning strengthens your heart.  

Resistance exercise training (weight lifting) has profound effects on the musculoskeletal system, contributes to the maintenance of functional abilities, and prevents osteoporosis, sarcopenia (loss of body mass), lower-back pain, and other disabilities. More recent seminal research demonstrates that resistance training may positively affect risk factors such as insulin resistance, resting metabolic rate, glucose metabolism, blood pressure, body fat, and gastrointestinal transit time, which are associated with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Myth #1: Weight Lifting is Dangerous. Machines have the reputation to be safer than free weights. But studies tell a different story.

Weight lifting does not produce more injuries compared to machines.
Weight lifting injury rates are lower than in any other sport.

Weight lifting is used for (p)rehabilitation because it can prevent and fix injuries. The only way you can injure yourself, is if you use bad technique or don’t control your ego. Use your head and you’ll be safe.

Myth #2:Weight Lifting is Bad For Your Joints. Weight lifting is less stressful on your joints than running: it involves controlled, non-impact movements.

Weight lifting – and especially strength training – will increase the health of your joints by strengthening the muscles & ligaments that hold them together.

Squatters have healthier knees than non Squatters. Studies performed on top Powerlifters confirm that their knees are in better health than those of the general population.
Several readers recovering from ACL injuries or who had persistent knee problems for years, reported that their knee pain went away forever after 2-3 months of doing Squats.

Myth #3: Weight Lifting Causes High Blood Pressure. Your blood pressure increases when you lift heavy weights. But it returns to normal after finishing your set. That’s how lifting improves your cardiovascular fitness.

People who lift weights with the focus on strength training have lower blood pressures than people who don’t exercise. Studies show that regular weight lifting lowers your systolic & diastolic blood pressure.

Myth #4: Weight Lifting Makes You Bulky. Muscle is denser than fat. You’ll look slimmer at the same body-weight if you increase your muscle mass. The huge guys in muscle magazines are usually supplementing.

Many skinny guys train 6x/week but struggle to gain weight. Why? Because they aren’t eating enough. Getting bulky means gaining weight. And to gain weight, you must eat more. Training hard only won’t do the job.

Myth #5: Weight Lifting Makes Women Bulky. Those muscular women you can find in muscle magazines had to use steroids to get to that point.

As a woman you can build muscle, get stronger and improve your physique. But you’ll never build as much muscle mass as men can because you have lower testosterone levels. You’ll always stay feminine unless you use steroids.

Myth #6: Weight Lifting Stunts Growth. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Dave Draper, Shaquille O’Neal, David Robinson, Karl Malone, Michael Vick, etc. They all started lifting weights in their early teens and are +6′ /1m82 tall.

The only way weight lifting can stunt your growth is if you damage your growth plate by letting the bar fall on you. But if you use proper technique, you’ll be safer than with Rugby or Soccer where collisions are common.

Supervise youth lifting weights. Enforce proper technique and discourage ego. Note that some believe weight lifting can actually stimulate growth because it increases bone mineralization.

Myth #7: Weight Lifting Decreases Flexibility. One of the realizations people who get into weight lifting have is how inflexible they are. Years of sedentary lifestyle may have tighten your hips, preventing you to Squat correctly.

Weight lifting will make you regain your flexibility and maintain it. Especially the Squat will give your hip muscles a full stretch. But increasing your muscle mass or strength won’t reduce your flexibility at all.

Myth #8: Weight Lifting Makes You Slow. Strong muscles contract faster and generate more power. That’s why professional athletes like Shaquille O’Neil or Tiger Woods do weight lifting: strength training makes you faster.

Myth #9: Weight Lifting Causes Hemorrhoids. The right way to breathe during a lift is to hold your breath and push it against your closed glottis. This keeps your lower back safe by increasing pressure in your abdomen.

If you hold your breath and push it towards your anus you can get hemorrhoids. Avoid by breathing correctly: use the valsalva maneuver. Drink lots of water and eat green veggies, fruits & fiber for optimal digestion.

Myth #10: Muscle Turns to Fat If You Stop Weight Lifting. Muscle never turns to fat. They’re different tissues. If you stop weight lifting, you also have to eat less than before otherwise you’ll get fat.

Some believe that if you train long enough your muscles will never come back to their pre-trained state. This is probably linked to muscle memory: it’s easier to regain muscle than to build it from scratch.

Myth #11: Weight Lifting Increases Waist Size. This myth comes from looking at some Power Lifters in the heaviest classes. Their waist is big because they’re fat. And they’re fat is because they only care about getting stronger.

Check Power Lifters in the lighter classes: they all have a small waist. Squats & Deadlifts work your abs hard. Everyone who does these exercises for a couple of weeks reports losing several inches waist size.

Myth #12: Weight Lifting is Boring. It is if you go the gym without a plan, don’t pay attention to what you do when lifting and don’t get results. But it won’t if you have a plan, get results and focus on how your body moves during a lift.

Weight lifting is a technical & intellectual sport. You shouldn’t have time to get bored since you have so many things to pay attention to during the lift. And the constant challenge to add weight is anything but boring.

The real fun though is when you start getting results. Hard work paying off is what will get you addicted.

A little lesson in…..

hanging in there.

Wed….I don’t usually post mid week….but I’ll keep it brief.

I have a little asthma….exercise induced to be proper about the whole thing.  I never know what sorts of workout will be tricky for me…well unless there is a lot of running!  I looked at today’s workout and took a hit off the inhaler when I got in the gym. I even put the inhaler near my workout area in case I needed it because…well…did you see the damn workout??

I came in from the run…passed out on the floor….then it hit…the pressure in the chest…the feeling like everything is shrinking.  Using the meds before a workout is usually enough, but not today.   So I get up and head toward what I need,  take a hit…try to clear out my lungs and calm down. I am a little more “gaspy” than normal and truthfully even now…a half an hour later I don’t feel quite right…waiting for a deep breath to show up.

I realized something as I was driving away from the gym…a year ago, before I was diagnosed, I would have told myself all sorts of nasty things…But I am NOT out of shape, I am NOT too fat to workout, I am AM able to workout…I can do this.

I just have asthma. That’s it.  It was such a blessing to be given this diagnosis.  And a blessing to keep working out in spite of it.  And a blessing to have coaches who are aware of it…but never coddle me about it…cause it is just asthma.


One less reason to rest!

As much as I love(crave even) a great functional reason to stop my workout and tie my shoe(REST), I love even more this video that I found on I also love that it is less than 3 minutes long and that I chose to look around on TED.COM instead of turning on the boob tube, even though I have had a long ass day, full of many accomplishments and would be totally justified in “tuning out”. The busier that I am these days, the more time I seem to spend doing the things that further expand my life. Anyway, I came across this because I wasn’t watching Law and Order or Project Runway…Think of all the time that this could save us…time that we could be doing more important things than tying our shoe laces…Enjoy!

Heather McKearnan

Hump(this) Day!

Workout Of the Day:

50 Burpee wallball. ( This movement is a Burpee with hands on the ball if u wish, so it isn’t necessary to go chest to deck, where at the time ur feet jump to your hands ur in the lowered squat position of the wallball)

40 TGU’s 24/16

30 clapping pushups

20 c2b pullups

10 kb front squats 24/16(single kb)

200 mtr sprint


Hey y’all…back from Reno a little bruised and battered from a night of celebrating with my 84 year old gramma and a bunch of my rowdy cousins. We had a little impromptu push ups contest on the dirty downtown streets of the biggest little city, which was to be followed by a pull up contest…I started, three pull ups in and the branch broke. Ouch! Lesson, don’t drink and CrossFit no matter how good of an idea it seems…..

As for tomorrow,




5 rounds

20 second hollow Hold

7 deadhang pullups

50 double unders

A word about double unders for all you groaning right now or dreading tomorrow or thinking maybe you won’t come in because you “hate” double unders or you just can’t do them.

Some things don’t cthosebleepindoubleundersome easy. That’s a hard thing to grasp some days, especially when you’re used to powering your way through life and just adding extra effort to make things happen.

But some things just can’t be powered through, like double-unders here. You can’t just set your jaw and drive through your heels. The rope doesn’t care how big your quads are, or how determined your mind is, or who the heck you are in life.

The rope wants quick wrists, light feet, and — gasp — a relaxed state. WTH? You want me to RELAX? This is CROSSFIT! I’m geared up, pumped up, espresso’d up, and ready to rip through life with my bare hands, sharp teeth, and razor wit! I am roaring!

And so you won’t have double-unders. Not until you learn to listen, relax, and make your body do what the coaches tell you to do. Until you make that commitment, you’ll be passed by every person in your gym who has two feet and learned to listen.

So, chill. Stand tall and relax. Quick wrists, light feet. It seems like the antithesis of an aggressive sport like CrossFit, but that’s the beauty of it all — we must learn the things we don’t want to learn. We must sometimes be who we think we can’t be. And then we learn so much more.

(Words/Photo: Lisbeth Darsh/CrossFit Watertown.)

Also interesting to note “double unders” first appeared in in 2001

In contrast to running, jumping rope is unlikely to lead to knee damage since the impact of each jump or step is absorbed by the balls of both feet rather than the heels.[citation needed] This decreases the ground reaction forces through the patella-femoral joint greatly. Jumping rope also helps strengthen the arms and shoulders.[citation needed] This combination of an aerobic workout and coordination-building footwork has made jumping rope a popular form of exercise for athletes.

This aerobic exercise can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 700 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump. Ten minutes of jumping rope is roughly the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. Jumping rope for 15–20 minutes is enough to burn off the calories from a candy bar.

Monday! Woot!

10 thrusters
50 double unders
8 thrusters
40 double unders
6 thrusters
30 double unders
4 thrusters
20 double unders
2 thrusters
10 double under



fill up the tank

Sat August 27 2011

“Excuse me, ma’am?” He says…I hate the Ma’am thing, makes me feel old…

I peek my head around the gas pump…shortish guy…missing a couple of teeth..bad tattoos…  “Yea?”

“You got 50 cents?  I just need a little gas.”

I look in the car…four guys. They could be in their 20’s or they could be my age. They all look …worn. “Where you headed?”


Something about this guy, the way he asked, the energy in his light blue eyes…I grab my card…undo his gas cap without asking.  I start pumping.

“I can show you it’s on empty…hey buddy” he says to the driver, “turn the key…see if she’ll start.”

“Listen,” I say, “I don’t care if it’s empty. You don’t need to show me anything. I have been there…I have a couple of bucks now, I may not have it tomorrow. It’s fine.”

“Ok, Ma’am, you  know I hate asking, I am ashamed. People judge me by my tattoos, but I am not a felon or anything.”

“It’s ok, people judge me too and you probably don’t believe me that I’ve been in your spot…and there is no shame in asking for help. By the way, I don’t care if you are a felon.”

Then he says, God Bless…I have heard this before…but never from someone who meant it, really meant it before.  He asked my name and asked my permission to say a prayer for me. Now, normally, I hate that is always so contrived…used to manipulate the person into giving or something~ said in a way that makes you know they are only saying it because they think you wanna hear it. Not true this time, there was something in his eyes…those light blue eyes that told me a tiny truth in that moment. He saw me and I saw him~ever so briefly, we were the same… Isn’t that what we all need…isn’t that what he needed?  Simply to be seen by another human being is a blessing.

When I finish pumping, I get back in my car. His buddy starts the car and yells something to the guy in the back seat, the guy I was talking to; I don’t think they expected a full tank…..I realize I didn’t ask his name so I roll down my window ~Juan~

I may have decided to fill his tank, but he filled me up as well….He has no idea how much he helped me tonight and this simple act of filling a tank gave me more than he’ll ever know…

I can never say who helped who more….yeah, he and his buddies will get to Espanola tonight…and have a couple more days worth of gas…how long can my empty tank draw strength from him?

Thanks Juan…I’ll remember your eyes.  I will say a prayer for you and for myself tonight~ that we both stop feeling shame…it is so useless. I will also pray that I can help “fill more tanks” of the people around me and that I can ask for help filling my tank when I am low.


Why should you sign up to do Fight Gone Bad 6?


Personal growth

The Fight Gone Bad WOD can feel grueling. The movements are ones we have done many times, but the combination and the pace add to the difficulty. Sign up for the FGB6 challenge on September 17 so you have a goal to work towards. Practice finding a rhythm and regulating your breath. Work on your form. Build your endurance.What are the mental barriers this WOD presents? What can you do to overcome those?

FGB6 is a chance for all the athletes to come together in support of one another as we push ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. Our coaches have been guiding us in goal setting, and this WOD presents the perfect opportunity for that. Choose one or two of the movements presented in FGB, and make it a point to practice those.  See how much you will improve in this short period of time.


CrossFit is what we do to push ourselves. We all started this journey for very personal reasons, but the athlete profiles show that many of our reasons are similar. This similarity of thought and of what drives us builds a community of support not found in any other “gym” environment. How great does it feel to have a coach or fellow athlete help you complete a WOD with words of encouragement? Post-WOD sweaty hugs and high fives are simple gestures that keep many of us coming back.

FGB6 is a chance to work hard with your fellow athletes – for you to offer support and to get it in return.

Giving back

Besides being an opportunity for personal growth and for camaraderie, FGB6 is much more than a difficult WOD we do together. This is an opportunity for us to give back.

There’s a reason why they have created hero WODs. They are not just names. These represent real men who have struggled and fought through insane circumstances. Every time we do a hero WOD we honor those who have pushed through boundaries of the body and mind to help others.

FGB6 has given their word they’ll fund 81 full college scholarships for the children of our SpecOps brothers who’ve been killed in action over the past ten years. 21 of these are for kids who lost a parent in the Chinook incident in early August.

We all have varying political viewpoints, and particularly strong opinions about the wars the US is engaged in. FGB6 has nothing to do with this. FGB6 is about supporting people, particularly innocents who have been tragically and deeply affected by these wars – the kids of fallen soldiers.

We are not asking for a lot. Small amounts add up to make a big impact. If even half of the athletes at Undisputed Fitness raise as little as $100 each, we would be able to support the FGB6 causes with a gift of  $710. As it stands now, we have 11 people signed up as part of the team and we have raised over 600$….let’s set our sights high.  CrossFit Potamac has 96 team members and have raised 31,000!!!

How to raise money

I plan on writing another post that will help give all of you the tools you need to raise some money. But first you need to take the step in signing up on the FGB6 website:

If you don’t want to or are unable to create an account for yourself, then use the Undisputed account to request donations. Just share this link with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.:

Thank you! And I hope to see all of you on September 17!

Alexis Brown

geet fixes things


Friday Gone Bad

3×3 Sumo Deadlift High Pull




Box Jumps and Wall Balls

10-1, 9-2, 8-3, 7-4….




Max rep push press. 65/45

Mobility WOD