When life gives you lemons…

grab the tequila, or maybe a kettle-bell…..

Sat. July  2

I have never understood the concept of hitting the gym when one is feeling bad.  The gym is the place that you go TO feel bad….sweaty, out of breath, worn out.  Yeah yeah later you feel good because you have energy…yadda yadda yadda….

Recently, my thinking has shifted.  Those of you who know me a little better, know that I have been struggling the last few weeks. I have hit a wall with just about everything. Work, friends, family, marriage, acting and sadly my kids.  Kinda scary to post that all here but it really does relate to working out.

I am always hearing how failure makes you stronger…that you learn from your mistakes…I really don’t see that much. I think the times we live in or the culture or what ever you wanna blame it on actually punishes you when you make a mistake….doesn’t really give you the time to reflect and learn from the choices you make that cause pain or heartache; which makes many of us retreat into a tiny circle of “safe” choices.  People who ignore that, really are the movers and shakers in the world, the rest of us (or maybe just me) not so much.

When I fail…watching the ripples reach all the people that I am responsible to and for can be overwhelming….there is no place to fail, learn, then move on.

Except in the gym.

This is the only place I can go that a mistake is really something I get stronger from…When I approach the 325 pound dead lift and don’t get it more than 2 inches off the ground…there is someone right there with me saying, “damn that was a great effort.” They mean it too. There is no disappointment on their faces….no judgement.

I get it now…why people hit the gym or go for a run on a bad day….It is simple and it clears my head…and it is mine.  The success, the pain, the failure…I really do grow from them at Undisputed. There have been days the last few weeks that I have really wanted to just go back to the gym and work out a second time..or just go hang out and work on my pull-ups and double unders….in part because I know that when I walk in there; no one will have that disappointed look on their face when I walk in the door.

I am sorry to be a bit whiny in this week’s blog.  I know that all of us are tied to each other and that the choices we make affect those in our life. I am grateful that there is one place that my failures are mine alone, where they have no affect on someone else’s life or production or even day.  One place that just being there…just making an attempt is enough.  That I am enough and at the same time I am not alone.


lemonade!!!!!! Mona you are lemonade, delicious, refreshing, and a treat! Thank you for your contributions here, I love you. And I totally echo what you are saying. It is those obstacles that rise up in front of us like 325#s of rubber and steel sitting on the floor in front of us or that impossible seeming relationship…and then we suck our belly buttons to our spine square our shoulders take a big deep breath and try. Sometime we make it (and then we are flying high) and sometimes we don’t but either way we can reflect on what we can do different next time. And the cool thing is there will be a next time. Obstacles are just challenges that help us grow…if we don’t have the rough and tumble times we can never shine-like diamonds!

Comment by CrossFit Santa Fe — July 3, 2011 @ 7:41 pm

Echoing what CrossFit Santa Fe is Saying Mona. You haven’t hit a wall, Just another door to open.

Comment by Phil Madrid — July 3, 2011 @ 8:25 pm

<3 you mona!! definitely tequila AND kettlebell. but not together. that could be dangerous.

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Comment by Mona Malec — July 7, 2011 @ 2:54 pm

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