Vacation…all I ever wanted…

Ah it’s a getaway…

Sat July 16th.

Well my beautiful Santa Fe CrossFit family, I have missed you this week.  I left last Thursday to take my boy out to Oklahoma.  I know I asked around for opinions about whether this would be a good time to take a break or if I should work out on my own or if  I should find a gym.  Honestly, I was kinda tweaked about the idea of walking into another gym.  I mean really, have you seen some of the web pages?  Yikes…uber dudes….super chicks….I did a little searching and I found this place:

Looked around…I liked the “feel” of their page..I know that’s  a weird thought but oh well.  It just looks like they really care about people changing their lives much like our coaches….so I called.  But no one called back..I took this as a sign to take a break, but after 9 hours in a car and sleeping (or not) in an unfamiliar place I found myself a little itchy for movement.  I thought well one day…one class won’t kill me and maybe I’ll like it.

Monday:  I show up at 6AM cause I am sure there will be paperwork…( their classes are at 5:30 & 6:30AM) and this lovely person comes straight over to me…looks at my shirt and says…are you …Mona. Um yes…He says to me, I am so sorry I just got your message, I have been on vacation.  Sweet! He laughed at my CrossFit shirt..and asked me all sorts of questions about not only the gym, but why I chose Crossfit, what I like best about my gym, what my favorite kinds of programing are, even what I do outside the gym.  I asked if he had room for me in the 6:30.  Yeah~ I am gonna work out.

It does feel sort of weird.  I mean I know there are crossFit standard names and workouts and such, but there is a pretty wide berth.  I had to ask a lot of questions, mainly because movements are simply called by different names.  I started to feel a little self conscience, but the coach Uwen is really great…very supportive.  I felt lucky to watch him coach people in the class before mine so I could get a sense of his style.  He also stayed with me once I started to workout, coached me like I was one of his own!  How freaking cool is that?

WOD Monday  2K row 3 min rest then 30 kettlebell snatches

Met some really nice people and Uwem kept right on all of us about form, especially as we got tired.  I misunderstood one of the instructions…but he let it slide!

WOD Tuesday

  • Every minute on the minute for 3 minutes: 3 dead-lifts @ 80% (250).

  • Rest 2 minutes

  • Every minute on the minute for 3 minutes: 3 Weighted Pull Ups @ 80% (strict). (I used a band~no weight!)

Rest 2 Minutes then complete for time: 50 GHD Sit Ups & 50 Hip Extensions

This was super cool…Then get this, Uwem lets me stay and do my wave 4 Wendler.  I am so happy I didn’t miss that just because I was on vacation. And yes yes dear CrossFit family..I got the giggles on this day…Coach said he was gonna nickname me sunshine.  I felt so….accepted in that moment.  CrossFit is really something special, really draws amazing coaches.

WOD Wednesday


Push press/ Backsquat

Whoa baby.  This one was short~or intended to be short~but very very hard.  I struggled with form on this puppy.  I am not so strong on the push press overhead stuff, but again, great coaching!  Watched a woman today…Debbie, just keep pushing through.  She was really struggling with the workout and she just kept ticking away at it. It was really beautiful.  Uwem just stayed with her reminding her that can finish.  Lovely tenacity…lovely.  This woman had her land and parents home struck by a tornado not 3 weeks ago.  She  has been cleaning her acreage  for three weeks and told me, jokingly, that it may take her 10 years to clear all the debris. YIKES.

One of the guys leaving the 5:30 this morning, is headed to Santa Fe on Friday! I gave him a card…who knows we may see him at the gym next week.

WOD Thursday

Tabada this!  Row, Squats, push ups, pull ups and sit ups

Ok…yeah…nothing like a tabata.  But is did do my pull ups from my toes not my knees!  Uwem also gave me a tee shirt when I left the gym this morning.

Over all…I would say, try another gym when you can.  It really was a cool experience on so many levels.  It is really amazing to have this extended community based on this word “CrossFit,” yes some details are different, but I was coached with a loving and joyful hand~worked out with some elites and some other folks just like me….and in Norman OK just like in Santa Fe all are welcome.  So if you pass through Oklahoma some time go see Uwem…he is Undisputed in my mind!

I have some photos~but they are all still in my phone!  I’ll post them next time.



Comment by Alexis B — July 15, 2011 @ 10:52 pm

im so glad you found a gym elsewhere that is awesome! this gives me hope for palo alto!

Comment by atenas — July 17, 2011 @ 2:05 am

Mona, you (and any at Santa Fe) are welcome anytime. You totally blessed my week… Santa Fe better appreciate you (which it seems they do!) and I am honored you would consider our gym “Undisputed”.

High Regards,


Comment by Uwem — July 17, 2011 @ 9:55 pm

Mobility WOD