Staying Engaged by Tait Fletcher

Staying Engaged.
What does ‘engagement’ look like? Can I succeed(reach my goals) without being engaged?
For myself, I’d always been a bit reticent to get fully engaged.  It always seemed like it may be setting me up for a fall if I got bold enough to announce my intention or ‘engagement’  to a specific goal.  I even used the excuse that I was “remaining humble” by not speaking of achievements or goals met. The truth is I never met any goals because I never made any goals. Any achievement was consequently viewed as a bonus I didn’t really deserve anyway and was accompanied by this feeling that it was a fluke and that the ‘other shoe’ was about to drop.
Seems strange and counterproductive coming from a competition combat athlete, I know.
I’ve recently gotten a shift in personal perspective that says, “You’re just as capable as anyone on the planet to achieve any task.” this replaces the idea I’d had for my whole life which went something like, “you probably won’t succeed or win, but you are relentless and won’t quit…you’ll be ahead of the quitters.” that then morphed into “just do your best at everything and leave it all there.”
This latest incantation which is becoming part of my character seems the most powerful and authentic ….”I’m just as capable as anyone…” . It feels good. Makes me smile. That’s a sure sign!!
…so what about being ENGAGED though, Tait? Well, I believe it’s about building my ‘belief’ muscle. The one between my ears. It takes training and mantras, but it IS a muscle to work on. It takes the belief that I’m empowered by the Universe and that when I vocalize, write down and speak about my goals….when I’m engaged THAT way…well….I believe that what Coehlo says is true…”when a man is striving for his destiny, the entire Universe conspires to help him meet his goals.”
How are YOU stepping into Engagement??

Tait G. Fletcher

Peach! Hahaha this same approach works well for every goal you wish to attain, and it’s truly the combination of all three perspectives that turns one into whatever one desires. Great article Tait.

Comment by Hector Valenzuela — July 20, 2011 @ 10:50 pm

LOVE!!! and i was just reading your man Deepak sayin the exact same thing as ol’ Paolo…
Tis true

Comment by Ana Deardorff — July 21, 2011 @ 3:19 am

Nice t-shirt…

Comment by Lalleh Dayeny — July 22, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

Mobility WOD