Here we are. A weekend like any other is approaching. Perhaps it’s like last weekend or a thousand past weekends. Maybe it will be much like the weeks next….but it won’t be like that for everybody.
This weekend our team will compete at the largest Jiu Jitsu tournament in the state.  Not all our Jits athletes, but many of them. I never cared much for competition at first, but I always saw the value in them. I competed relentlessly at every opportunity.
I competed at entirely my own expense from Florida to Brazil to California to Italy. Before I was ever paid as an athlete. I yearned to test myself against the rest in the world. I needed to find that space where I was entirely present and all the world focused into my one endeavor. One test.
I strove to find the nuances of timing. The power of each moment, breath and movement. The Power of Seconds and Cemtimeters. At high levels, that’s what any competition comes down to.
Our Tribe will compete. They will all win to the extent they let it all out. That’s where growth is. Courage of walking through the discomfort. Fortitude of mind.
There’s another competition too. The ReebokCrossFitGames. It’s goin down this weekend in LA. all the finest athletes from around the world that have bested others at sectional and regional events will compete for the title ‘Fittest in the World’. Our ‘sister school’, CFLA has a team competing. One of Santa Fe’s own, and previous Undisputed athlete, Lacie Mackey is an alternate on that team.  This event is viewable on the live web feed.
You should watch it. You should see the boys in person.
You should do this for several reasons.
It will build a fire….anytime you look at people pursuing excellence, your soul connects with theirs. Your souls communicate and ache for that same achievement. You too could be there. You’re all that’s stopping you.
Another reason is to watch possibility. To see people achieve what didn’t exist before. This empowers all viewers.
Many more reasons abound to watch/read/be a part of these contests. Many conversations about engagement and not letting opportunities slip by, and things about the nature of man stripping to his most elegant, primal and visceral state to achieve a hypertrophy of the soul….BUUUUT….
….beyond all that. Let’s go and cheer and cry and get invested in health and love and our community-and for fucks sake let’s please not let this pass as ‘just another weekend’.
The universe needs you- Needs us all-to be superheroes and courageous creators….that kinda positivity spreads like smiles….let’s raise this worlds vibration this weekend.
Shine On.

So….when/where is the tournament taking place?

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