Athlete Profile#2

Phil Madrid, 47yr old, 67″  154lbs 

The ever smiling Phil Madrid


How did you find out or hear about CrossFit? I started with Undisputed Fitness/CrossFit Santa Fe  in December 2007 when they were still at Bisbee Court. I did boxing, until they started Strength Training classes, then it carried over to CrossFit which started on Feb 15th 2010. 

The blur is Phil using a 32"box in a WOD


What type of results have you seen since starting CrossFit? I have noticed, not only my strength and appearance  getting better, but my mental state.  I have more confidence in what I do in my everyday life. I’m not afraid to fail and it has helped me do things I would have never tried before.  I remember the first time they had doubleunders in a WOD.   I couldn’t do them.  I set a goal of 100 consecutive  doubleunders and everyday after class I would increase my PR by 5 and wouldn’t leave the gym until I hit it.   I finally hit a PR of 101 doubleunders in October 2010. 

Ahhh the joys running at 6am


What fitness goals do you have for the next year? I want to get stronger with weights, especially anything overhead.  I think that is my weakest point.  I have set a goal for O/H squats using 120lbs, by the end of August.   I struggle right now with 95lbs. Also want to compete in the S.W Throwdown and CrossFit Open again, it was a blast this year. 

Burpees @ SouthWest Fitness Throwdown


What is your biggest challenge in CrossFit? My biggest challenge is weights, and letting my mind tell me to stop when I know my body can do more. 

Working on what ails ya!


What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? Everything about it is my favorite.  The WOD’s, the people, the coaches, Crow, Heather, Tait and Diego, they are all really great.    It’s my second family.  Everybody encourages everybody.  If someone hits a PR, everybody  seems to be excited for that person. I don’t see ego’s either which is a good thing. I think it’s a great community.

What is your least favorite WOD or exercise and why? Everybody knows it’s wallballs.  I know it’s all mental and I have to work on my form, but I would rather do 50 burpees then 50 wallballs any day. I am getting better at them though.

1 Max rep deadlift: 325lbs,

Annie: 6:07,

Murph 38:50.

Mobility WOD