Tuesday. Wendler Wave II

Hey everyone tomorrow we will continue with our Back Squats and the  Wendler Series. please please please have your numbers ready. The Wendler Wave II will be followed by, a different and fun gymnastic wod. One of each AMRAP 7 minutes: Roll to Candle Stick 1 Straight Jump 1 Burpee1 Tuck Jump  (6/25)

Also I wanted to let everyone know we will be beginning our video contest. The “I heart Undisputed Fitness and CrossFit Santa Fe because…” video contest will begin the 1st of July and you will have until September 1st to submit a video of why you love Undisputed and CFSF. The video with the most views will win a prize from CFSF.

Contest Details: 5$ to enter, video must be titled “why I love CFSF and Undisputed Fitness”, video must not be more than 90secs. If you collaborate with another athlete, both must enter $. The video with the most views will win a prize.

Mobility WOD